5 Most Valuable Modern Age Comics

September 29, 2020

My introduction to comic books occurred in the Modern Age of comics. The Modern Age of comics is the era of comic book publishing where the stories greatly paralleled what was happening in the real world. Modern Age comic book characters were more violent and grittier than the saccharine exploits of heroes from the Golden Age or Silver Age. If you want to invest in comics, the most valuable Modern Age comics are affordable buy-ins.

Consider – The first comic book appearance of Superman in 1938 sold for $3.2 million in 2014.

It takes time for the value of an investment to accrue.

Start investing in the most valuable Modern Age comics now, and who knows what value these comics will have decades from now.

Here are 5 valuable Modern Age comic books you should be keeping an eye on.

Wonder Woman #7 (August 1987) DC Comics


I cannot wait for Wonder Woman 1984, which is set to premier this year or next. The film has been delayed due to the pandemic.

I take the pandemic seriously and follow all safety guidelines – but this film almost makes me want to go to the movies now.

Please excuse me geeking out.

Anyway, the villain in WW84 will be Barbara Minerva/Cheetah as portrayed by former SNL comedian and actress Kristen Wiig.

The Golden Age version of Cheetah character first appeared in Wonder Woman #6 way back in 1943. The Modern Age version of Cheetah, Barbara Minerva, first appeared in Wonder Woman #7 in 1987.

Cheetah is a villain with the speed, strength, agility, reflexes, and appearance of a cheetah.

A copy of this comic with a CGC grade of 9.8 sold for $170 in August 2020.

Value investing is about recognizing value others don’t see.

Snatch this comic before WW84 premieres and this comic possibly increases in value. This will become one of the most valuable modern age comics to watch.

Static #1 (June 1993) DC Comics/Milestone Media


In 1993, Milestone Media created the Dakotaverse, the first all-black universe of comic book characters.

Milestone was creatively ahead of its time but was only in business between 1993 through 1997.

One of the more popular Milestone was Static.

Teenager Vigil Hawkins was exposed to a unknown chemical in tear gas while embroiled in a gang fight.

The chemical gives the teen electromagnetic-based powers. Hawkins assumed the name Static and became a superhero.

Static was the star of a short-lived cartoon series, Static Shock, from 2000 to 2004.

There have been rumors for years that Milestone Media will soon relaunch and reintroduce its characters for the 21st century.

A copy of this comic with a CGC grade of 9.8 sold for $260 in August 2020.

This is an affordable buy-in for one of the most valuable modern age comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #361 (April 1992) Marvel Comics


This comic will become valuable in the future because of Carnage’s current popularity in the comics.

And because of the character’s short appearance in the 2018 film Venom starring Tom Hardy.

Here is a short history of the comic book origin to explain why.

In the 1984, Peter Parker merged with an alien symbiote/parasite that transformed into a black version of the Spider-Man costume.

By 1988, the alien symbiote separated from Parker and merged with disgraced reporter Eddie Brock.

In Amazing Spider-Man #361, Eddie Brock/Venom escape from prison and leave behind an “offspring,” portion of the symbiote. That offspring then merged with insane serial killer Cletus Kasady, creating Carnage.

The fan excitement for Carnage increases as Woody Harrelson was cast as Kasady in a short role in 2018’s Venom. Harrelson is due to reprise the role in the upcoming sequel Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage.

Yes, this is one of the most valuable modern age comics. Investment is about recognizing value before others. Get it while the getting is good.

A copy of this comic with a CGC grade of 9.8 sold for $450 in August 2020.

Harley Quinn #1 – Adam Hughes Cover Variant (December 2013) DC Comics


There are people who love Harley Quinn and have no idea that she is a comic book character who first appeared in a Batman cartoon. (It’s a long story).

Australian actress Margot Robbie has made Harley Quinn a household name with her mesmerizing big screen portrayal. Robbie will next portray Quinn in the James Gunn-directed The Suicide Squad in 2021.

Before the rise of Harley Quinn, most people could only name Wonder Woman if asked about female comic book characters.

The most valuable Modern Age comics featuring Harley Quinn should be watched for increasing value.

A copy of this comic with a CGC grade of 9.8 sold for $700 in August 2020.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 – Steve Ditko Variant Cover (January 2013)


Steve Ditko is a comic artist and legend who co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee in 1963 in Amazing Fantasy #15.

The anthology comic was in danger of being canceled. The editors allowed Lee and Ditko to do what they wanted in issue #15. So, the pair created Peter Parker/Spider-Man and the rest is history.

In Amazing Spider-Man #700, Peter Parker, “dies.” Death is never forever in the comic books, so don’t worry.

Peter’s death in this issue allowed for his nemesis Dr. Octopus to assume the mantle of Superior Spider Man for two years before Peter’s return. (It’s a really long story).

The value of this 2013 comic may have more to do with the Steve Ditko variant cover. Ditko was a prolific but reclusive artist who died in 2018.

A copy of this comic with a CGC grade of 9.8 sold for $700 in August 2020.

Investment in the Most Valuable Modern Age Comics is About Recognizing Value

The most valuable Modern Age comics published within the last generation are an affordable buy-in for aspiring investors.

It can take years or decades to realize an appreciable return on investment.

Consult with comic book experts or research online.

The rarity, first character appearance, or pivotal event in a comic book informs its potential value in the future.

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