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October 17, 2023

As an avid comic book fan, I often make the mistake that every comic book fan must or should be as zealous about comic book collecting as I am. I get so hyped about comic books and characters as if they are real and fail to realize that others may not feel the same way. That’s why I had to write this piece about alternative forms of comic book storage.

For many comic book collectors, protecting their comic book collections is a very serious endeavor. For the casual collector who does not take it that seriously and just wants to read comic books without worrying about protecting them as if they were priceless, it’s OK to feel that way as well.

Comic Book Storage (Collapsible Cloth-Based Storage Boxes for the Casual Collector)

I don’t understand it at all, but it is what it is. Still, even if comic book collecting is a non-serious hobby for you, every hobby still requires some degree of organization. If you are not ready for archival quality Mylar comic book sleeves, backing boards, and acid-free comic book boxes, you can invest in collapsible comic book storage boxes made from environmentally safe linen and PVC board inserts.

Comic book paper, like any form of paper, is made from pulped tree matter. Pulped tree matter contains an organic compound called lignin which is responsible for making wood sturdy and rigid.

When exposed to the elements via processing, lignin breaks down paper. If you’re old enough to remember buying newspapers then you should also remember how quickly they yellowed and became brittle to the touch if you left them exposed to the elements for a long time.

When paper is exposed to the elements the lignin inside it will cause it to become yellowed and disintegrate. It’s why I stress the need for collectors to always insert their comic books into plastic sleeves with backing boards. And to protect comic books from UV scorching I recommend putting them into comic book boxes made of acid-free cardboard.

I am learning the hard way that comic book collecting is not seen as a serious hobby by many. In fact, 80% of the people who buy a ticket for all of those multi-billion profiting comic book films are usually casual readers who don’t cherish comic books as much as hardcore fans.

So, if you are a fairweather or casual comic book fan then you can buy collapsible comic book storage boxes to store your comic books. These comic book storage boxes are usually rectangular-shaped, can be folded and collapsed sideways, and can be safely stacked two to three boxes high.

These products are perfect for the casual comic book fan who has 100 to 300 comic books and needs to organize them but is not serious about sentimental comic book protection or viewing them as investment items. These products are also much cheaper for casual readers who may not continue enlarging their comic collection later on.

Here are four collapsible comic book storage boxes that are perfect for the casual comic book collector.

REDSHELL Comic Book Storage Box


This collapsible comic book storage box folds sideways and can be stored anywhere. It is made from a moisture-proof material called polypropylene Oxford cloth reinforced with plastic boarding. This product is also dust-proof.

Here are the dimensions of this rectangular shaped product:15″ X 7.8″ X 12″

You can buy several of these collapsible boxes and stack them up on each other. Each collapsible box is designed to store up to 180 comic books. It also comes with a label slot and handles.

Get it for $16.99 now at Amazon.

Leffis 3 Pack Comic Book Boxes

 Leffis 3 Pack Comic Book Storage, Comic Book Box Collapsible and Stackable Comic Short Box with Lid and Label Slot

This lightweight storage box is made from durable PVC boarding covered by linen. This collapsible storage box is also foldable, lightweight, rollable, and portable.

You can store up to 150 comic books in each storage box. Each storage box also comes with a velcro fastenable lid for enhanced protection. Here are the dimensions of the product: 15.5″L x 7.5″W x 11.3″H

Each box also comes with cloth handles and label slots for better organization. This product comes with three stackable boxes. Get it for $35.99 at Amazon now.

YNSZAS Collapsible Comic Book Boxes

YNSZAS Comic Book Storage, Comic Book Box, 15.8" X 7.8" X 11.8", Collapsible Comic Short Box, Holds 160-180 Comic Book

This comic storage box is made from environmentally friendly Oxford cloth linen with polypropylene board inserts for enhanced sturdiness. This storage box is designed to store up to 180 comic books.

This product is collapsible, moisture and dust-resistant, durable, and foldable. Here are the product’s dimensions:15.8″L x 7.8″W x 11.8″H

This box also comes with a lid with Velcro fasteners, cloth handles, and a label slot for organizational purposes.

Get it for $9.59 at Amazon right now.

Lincia 8-Pack Comic Book Boxes

Lincia 8 Pack Comic Book Storage Boxes, 15.4" x 7.5" x 11.4" Comic Book Box Collapsible with Handles, Stackable Comic Book Short Box

Lincia’s comic storage boxes feature a lot of the same attributes as the other products on this list.

This product can hold up to 180 comic books. It is stackable, foldable, moisture and dust-proof, and lightweight. It is made from environmentally friendly linen cloth featuring PVC board inserts for enhanced sturdiness.

Here is the product’s dimensions: 15.4″ x 7.5″ x 11.4″. Each box comes with a velcro-fastenable lid, cloth handles, and label slots for organization.

However, this product comes with eight storage boxes for an affordable price. Get eight boxes for $55.99 at Amazon.

Wrapping This Up

So, in conclusion, there are a variety of collapsible comic book storage boxes to choose from that all provide a convenient, safe way to store and transport your favorite comic books. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and styles so finding the one that works for you should be simple.

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