Top-Tier Comic Art Stor-Folios: The Two Best Options for Your Collection

July 27, 2023


Best Comic Art Stor-Folio

A stor-folio is a portfolio storage case for comic books. In the same way that you carry documents in a portfolio case, a stor-folio is designed to carry one to two dozen comic books for ease of transit. Many stor-folio have plain aesthetics, like a regular portfolio, but the best comic art stor-folio feature fan-favorite comic book art.

It is essentially a carry case for your favorite comic books. Many such products are plain with no outstanding aesthetics, but many are licensed to feature the artwork of well-known IPs on the exterior.

Best Comic Art Stor-Folio

On this list, you will find two of the best comic art stor-folio offered by comic book supply company BCW.

A comic book stor-folio is convenient for carrying non-valuable comic books without damaging them. You can carry up to 20 of them at a time. And the best comic art stor-folio featuring licensed comic book art adorning the surfaces.

Here are two of the best comic art stor-folio featuring art from The Walking Dead and X-O Manowar comic book IPs.

BCW Walking Dead Survivors Stor-Folio 

Is nostalgia still a viable marketing gimmick long after the excitement of the IP that thrilled fans is long over? This may be the case when it comes to The Walking Dead, although I am speaking of a personally disappointed fan.

Like the MCU, the TV adaptation of the beloved horror comic from Image Comics was once the most popular TV show on the planet. People who have never read the comic, and have no plans to do so ever, know about its storylines and characters.

best comic book stor-folios - walking dead

That was something The Walking Dead did that the MCU ultimately failed at lately, making the TV show thrilling for comic book fans and casuals who were only interested in the show while providing surprises for both demographics. But The Walking Dead TV show lost its way creatively well before Season 7.

Anyway, if you pine for the glory days of anticipating the newest episodes of The Walking Dead, then this might be the best comic art stor-folio for you.

This BCW branded comic art stor-folio is designed to store the dimensions of Modern and Silver Age comic books. Here are the interior dimensions of this stor-folio: 7 5/8 x 10 3/4 x 1 ½.  This comic book has enough interior space to hold 20 loose comic books or about 15 boarded and sleeved comic books.

This stor-folio has a magnetically binding closure latch that requires the energy pressure of a human hand to open it, so it will never open accidentally. This product weighs 13.4 ounces.

The stor-folio features comic art depicting Rick, Michonne, Carl, Ezekial, and Negan as well as some terrifying zombies.

This stor-folio is excellent for Walking Dead fans. Get it now at Amazon for $28.05.

BCW X-O Manowar Stor-Folio

Valiant Comics was one of the premier independent comic book companies founded in an era when there were only the Big 2, Marvel and DC. Founded in 1989, Valiant was the prototype independent publisher that floundered when Image Comics prospered a few years later. 

Valiant Comics is still in business, but because of the volatility of the comics market, bad management decisions, and other factors, the company has been publishing only one comic book per month since 2022. 

If you saw the Vin Diesel comic book film Bloodshot back in 2020, which many people did not, that is a Valiant comic book character. That film was supposed to launch a Valiant cinematic universe like the MCU but failed miserably. If Bloodshot had succeeded, we might have gotten an X-O Manowar film.

X-O Manowar is an Iron Man-influenced comic book character. It is about an ancient and sentient armor named Shanhara that forms a symbiote-like bond with a 5th-century German warrior named Aric of Dacia. After an outer space incident, Aric and Shanhara are time-warped to the present and dedicate themselves to fighting crime. 

I love the comic. It may be an acquired taste for some, but it is beloved by many comic book fans. And due to the current plight of Valiant Comics, you have to order back issues of comics to enjoy the story anyway.

Anyway, if you or someone you know loves Valiant Comics, then this might be the best comic art stor-folio you can buy. No matter the business ups and downs of Valiant Comics, the company has a nostalgic hold on many fans waiting for greatness. It looks like this:

best comic book stor folio X-O manowar

The cover of the stor-folio features stunning X-O Manowar art straight from the comics. And just like BCW’s other stor-folio products, it can hold 15 boarded and bagged or 20 loose comic books.

This product can store Modern and Silver Age comic books. Here are the product’s dimensions: 11″ L x 8″ W x 2″ H.

This is an excellent stor-folio that you should definitely buy. Get it now at Amazon for $16.89.


Remember, a comic book stor-folio is a convenient storage case for carrying comic books for every day reading purposes.

So, if you buy one, get it to carry around non-valuable comic books. Comic book stor-folios are not optimal for carrying around valuable comic books and won’t protect them. These kinds of stor-folios exist to enable you to carry your favorite and sentimental comic books in style.

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