5 Best Comic Book Storage Boxes and Bins

March 21, 2023

Saying this may betray my age, but one of my favorite Radiohead songs is “Everything In Its Right Place.” I was never a feng shui type of person, but there are some material items I own that must be immaculately organized. Like my comic books. Some people have shoe trees or walk-in closets they use as organizational centers, especially for style purposes. I was obsessed with storing and organizing my comic books when I was a kid. So, what are the best comic book storage boxes and bins?

I’m a child of the 1980s and 1990s – obsessing over comic book investing and memorabilia was not the same then as it was now. You had to be really forward-thinking to consider comic book collecting as a collectible investment that could pay off in the future.

(That occurred in the late 1990s. A comic book speculator crash almost ended Marvel Comics long before the MCU launched in 2008. And it was a stupidly self-inflicted problem. But that is another story.)

The Best Comic Book Storage Boxes and Bins (How I Learned to Love Them The Hard Way)

When I learned about comic book storage boxes and bins as I kid, I got several. I think I own over 2,000 comic books. And I stored all of them in cardboard long boxes.

One day, my younger brother brought his girlfriend at the time over for a visit. She saw that I had my cardboard comic book boxes on the floor. She cautioned me to get them off the floor in case they get damaged and moldy from a water flood.

I laughed it off. About a few weeks later, the washing machine malfunctioned and flooded the entire house. The bottom of my long boxes and the comic within got soaked. It was a hard lesson.

After that event, I was obsessed with placing my comic books in plastic sleeves with backing boards before putting them in comic book storage boxes and bins.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore comic book fan or a causal reader – you have to put everything in its right place. And whether you collect comic books as a personal hobby or a collectible investment, you should store and protect them properly.

And you can buy the best comic book storage boxes and bins very cheaply or expensively depending on your needs.

Here are five of the best comic book storage boxes and bins for you to consider.

REDSHELL Comic Book Storage Box

comic book storage boxes and bins

If you are looking for the best comic book storage boxes and bins on a budget, REDSHELL might have the answer for you.

This company sells an affordable 15-inch long and foot-long high collapsible comic book box. It is black in color and is made of high-density polypropylene which is covered with Oxford cloth.

This storage box can store up to 180 comic books.

When not in use, the box can collapse to a height of less than two inches for easy storage. The manufacturer claims that when the lid is closed, your comics will be in an airtight storage environment.

This storage box is also water resistant. It also has two handles on each end for convenient lifting.

Go get it on Amazon now for $15.

BCW Art POW! Short Comic Storage BoxBCW Art POW! Short Comic Storage Box

This is a standard cardboard comic book box with a colorful aesthetic. The exterior of this storage box features colorful stock comic book panels and comic book fonts.

Here are the product’s dimensions: 29.5″L x 0.6″W x 18.7″H.

It can hold up to 175 comic books.

While this is a standard cardboard storage box, the cardboard is corrugated and doubly thick for added durability.

You can get it for $20.

Skipping Line Wooden Crate Comic Book Storage Box

Wooden Comic Book Storage Box

Some of the best comic book storage boxes and bins have as much aesthetic character and charm as a utility.

This is a wheat-colored comic book long box that is aesthetically designed to resemble a wooden crate. It looks like a wooden crate used to store fruit, veggies, and other consumer products.

Here are the product’s dimensions:

Interior Dimensions: 8.25″ W x 12.5″ D x 11.5″ H

Exterior Dimensions: 8.625″ W x 14.375″ D x 11.75″ H

The front of this product features a see-through, top-loading display case. This product also requires minimal assembly with a screwdriver. It has no cover and has linear horizontal gaps in the side because it resembles a wooden crate.

You can store about 150 comics in this storage box.

Keep in mind that while this comic book can comfortably store your comic book, you’ll trade protection for style aesthetics. Your comics will be exposed to the elements. This product is optimal for stylishly storing and displaying your comics, not protecting them.

You can get it on Amazon for $32.

BCW Long Comic Book Bin

BCW Long Comic Book Bin

BCW is a well-respected comic book supply company. It is one of the best comic book storage boxes and bins companies in the industry.

This is a black-colored long box made of durable acid-free plastic. It is just about two feet long and a foot long in height. Here are the exact dimensions by width, height, and length:

Interior Dimensions: 7 5/8 x 11 1/4 x 27 1/2

Exterior Dimensions: 8 3/4 x 12 1/4 x 28 ½

This long box has a butterfly-style lid that opens up and separates. And it can comfortably hold about 300 comic books.

This long box will protect your comic book from floods, but not if it is fully submerged.

You can get it for $50.

CASEMATIX Graded Comic Book Storage Box

CASEMATIX Graded Comic Book Storage Box

One of the best comic book storage boxes and bins is fireproof and relatively affordable. Here are the dimensions – 15.5″ x 13.25″ x 8.5″.

The CASEMATIX comic book storage box is black colored, made of fiberglass, collapsible, and has a zippable cover. It is made of PVC that is coated with silicone-covered fiberglass, a feature that makes it relatively heat-resistant and fireproof. It’s also waterproof.

It is lockable and has durable zippers which keep the lid well-sealed. And it has three partitions to help organize your comic books.

However, this comic book storage system is designed to protect 30 comic books at the maximum. So, you should buy this to protect your sentimental or financially valuable comic book collectibles.

This storage box is optimal for protecting your slabbed and graded collectible comic book investments.

You can buy it for $60.

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