Protect Your Precious Comics With These 3 Top-Notch Comic Book Mailers

August 1, 2023


best comic book mailers

I hate showing my age, but I am a child of the 1980s and 1990s. The first time I logged onto the internet was in 1994 when I first went to college and could access a computer. And receiving folded, crumpled, or damaged comic books in the mail was an accepted way of life. It probably is still that way for many people who get their comic book subscriptions mailed to them today. That’s why using the best comic book mailers available is so important when shipping or receiving comics.

I grew up in an apartment building in New York City, where the height of the mailbox in the lobby was less than five inches – this is a very accommodating size and dimension for letters but not magazines or comic books. In 1993, I had a mail-order subscription for the main X-Men comic book title.

In X-Men #25 of that year, Magneto infamously used his powers of magnetism to rip out the adamantium that was bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton.

It is a landmark event in the comic book canon of X-Men history, and my issue arrived in the mail crumpled and wrinkled – the mailman had callously stuffed it into the tiny cubbyhole of my mailbox.

I understood why Seinfeld viewed Newman as his arch-nemesis after that event.

Anyway, I went and got a subscription hold list at a comic book store after that. And whenever I sent comic books as a gift to a friend, I would look for the best comic book mailers.

The Best Comic Book Mailers

A comic book mailer is a cardboard receptacle that is designed to protectively house comic books during mail transport so that they do not arrive folded, wrinkled, or crumpled to their destination.

If you care about comic book aesthetics and physical integrity, or keeping friendships with the people you mail comic books to, you should keep a supply of these mailers for just such situations.

Here are three of the best comic book mailers that you should consider using now.

Gemini Comic Book Flash Mailer (25 Mailers)

Manufactured by the Gemini Comic Supply company, these proprietary comic book mailers are designed to house up to 12 Golden Age or Modern Age comic books, medium-sized trade paperbacks, and manga digest magazines. These are possibly the best comic book mailers in the industry.

They are made from durable and lightweight cardboard that will withstand the travel rigors of domestic or international shipping.

These rectangular comic book mailers are also self-sealing – the product’s dimensions are 10.75 x 7.5 x 0.01 inches. The aesthetic design of this mailer is akin to a protective cardboard sleeve that protects the comics while they are in delivery transit.

You get 25 of the best comic book mailers that are also self-sealing per purchase. You can also insert Gemini’s mailers into USPS Flat Rate Legal Envelopes as well.

Get 25 of these mailers at Amazon for $49.95.

Coinz Comics Comic Book Mailer (10 Mailers)

Coinz Comics comic book mailer products differentiate itself from competitors with its innovative built-in corner “crunch zones.” Once you insert your comics into this comic book mailer, it will be snugly protected from damage as it travels through domestic or international delivery routes.

The interior dimensions 11″ x 7 1/2” x 5/8″ inches. This comic book mailer also features a self-sealing tape enclosure that ensures the mailer stays closed and won’t accidentally open. Each mailer has an easy-to-tear perforated cardboard strip that allows the recipient to open the package without damaging the interior contents.

This product can house up to 7 Modern Age sleeved and boarded comic books or one medium-sized trade paperback. Each purchase comes with 10 of arguably the best comic book mailers you can buy.

Get it now at Amazon for $24.99.

Rotch Easy-Fold Mailers (50 Mailers)

Rotch is known for making environmentally friendly and easy-to-fold mailer products. Each mailer is flat and must be folded into a rectangular box-like mailer, but it is a very user-friendly process. Each cardboard mailer is made from recycled materials.

Here are the product’s dimensions – 11.13 x 8.63 x 2 inches.

This particular mailer is designed to protectively house magazines, important documents, catalogs, fine art, and even comic books. According to the dimensions specified by the manufacturer, you may be able to house up to 18+ bagged and boarded Modern Age comic books for mail delivery.

Each Rotch mailer is recyclable and can be reused for mailing or courier purposes multiple times.

Additionally, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the products, Rotch will fully refund your purchase.

Get a Rotch 50-pack of comic book mailers at Amazon now for $45.99.

Best Comic Book Mailers – Conclusion

If you are not in the habit of mailing comic books as a gift, then this may not be a good product for you.

But if you are like me, a lifelong comic book fan, then you probably send comic books or trade paperbacks as a gift to friends often. I recommend that you invest in the best comic book mailers on this list to ensure that the recipient of your gift receives their comics in pristine condition.

Or you can trust the local mailman to have the same aesthetic considerations for comic books as you.

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