4 Benefits of Using Comic Book Stor-Folio

June 20, 2023

Whenever I say the phrase, “Back when I was a kid!” I now understand how cringey it may sound to younger people. I know it sounded that way to me when I was young. Whenever anyone said something like that to me I always thought of Abraham Simpson, Homer’s dad, about to start a long-winded speech before falling asleep halfway through. I feel like mentioning that phrase when discussing the comic book stor-folio.

If we had comic book supplies for every situation and scenario back in the 20th century, I was unaware of it. But I think it is amazing now.

There are comic book supplies for putting comic books on shelves, secure briefcases, customized showcase frames, artwork-wrapped comic book boxes, and more. There are comic book supplies for every conceivable situation. 

But what is a comic book stor-folio? And what are its benefits? Do you really need one?

Let’s talk about the comic book stor-folio before I list some of the best ones you can buy on Amazon.

What is a Comic Book Stor-Folio?

A comic book stor-folio is just a comic book-sized portfolio case. Instead of carrying documents, you can stuff just under two dozen comic books in a comic book stor-folio. They look like this:

comic store folio example

BCW Comic Book Stor-Folio, Source: Amazon.com

You might put your reading list quota for the day or week in a comic book stor-folio 

As mentioned in my previous columns, comic books have sentimental and financial value to many collectors. So, they do everything they can to protect them.

Comic book paper, like all wood-derived paper, is very fragile. Paper contains a natural substance called lignin. Lignin slowly and incrementally breaks down the molecular bonds that hold paper together. And the process is intensified whenever paper is exposed to the elements.

Lignin and prolonged exposure to the elements causes the paper to yellow aesthetically, become brittle, and slowly disintegrate. And this fact is especially true when it comes to comic book paper printed before the 1990s. 

20th-century comic book paper was made of extremely cheap paper stock. No one thought of comic books as sentimental items or financial investments to protect.

It’s why comic book boxes, acid-free mylar sleeves and cardboard backing boards, and other such supplies are so popular – they are designed to protect comic book paper. Such comic book supplies slow down the effects of lignin and the natural comic book disintegration process.

But not every comic book collector is so deadly serious about protecting every comic book they own. Depending on the current collectibles’ market value, not every comic book is valuable enough to protect. And comic book supplies are expensive – how much money are you going to spend on supplies for comic books that only have sentimental value?

So, what are the benefits of using a stor-folio?

4 Benefits of Using Comic Book Stor-Folio

You Can Carry Dozens of Comic Books With You Securely

I have been reading comic books since I first learned how to read. Even back then, I was serious about organizing and protecting my comic books.

However, not every comic book you own will need such levels of protection scrutiny. Whenever I used to buy comic books, I would sort them and organize them in order of preferred reading.

If I traveled with them, I would bag them in plastic sleeves with backing boards and stick them in a book bag. But this was no guarantee that they would not become damaged.

You can carry up to 20 comic books securely in a comic book stor-folio. Or you can carry about 15 comic-sleeved bagged and back boarded comic books securely.

Securely Organized for Transit

Most comic folio transport cases feature magnetic or secure fasteners that won’t open until you open them. 

You don’t have to worry about your stor-folio cases accidentally opening and spilling out your comic books during transit.

Attractive Aesthetic Designs

Some comic book stor-folio cases feature decal art of famous comic book IPs. So, you can appreciate comic book art while carrying comic book art.

Deceptive Storage

Many comic book stor-folio storage products look like books once they are fastened and closed. You could place a stor-folio on a bookshelf and no one could tell what it is.

Now, here are several comic book stor-folio products that you can buy from Amazon. All of these products can store 15 bagged or 20 loose comic books.

BCW Supplies Stor-Folio

This product is manufactured by BCW, which is renowned for its quality comic book supply products.

This stor-folio is collapsible, made of durable plastic, features a flip-top locking feature, and can hold 15 bagged or 20 loose comic books. You can store Silver Age and Modern Age comic books.

Here are the dimensions of the product: 11″L x 2″W x 8″H

Get it for $17.50 at Amazon.

BCW Comic Book STOR-Folio – Art – Blue Book

This product has a strong magnetic closure feature. It won’t open without the power of hands and fingers opening it.

It is blue-colored with a silver edge – it resembles a large blue book when it is closed.

BCW Comic Book STOR-Folio - Art - Blue Book

BCW Comic Book STOR-Folio – Art – Blue Book, source: Amazon.com

Here are the product’s dimensions: 17.72 x 5.91 x 1.97

Get it at Amazon now for $16.99.

BCW Comic Book Stor-Folio (Leather Bound)

This product is similar to the Blue-colored BCW stor-folio case except that it is wrapped in finished leather. Put this on a bookshelf and it will look exactly like a leather-bound book.

BCW Comic Book Stor-folio Art Leather Book

BCW Comic Book Stor-folio Art Leather Book, Source: Amazon.com

Its also got a nice little magnetic closure which keeps the folio closed, but pops open easily.  It holds 15 bagged and boarded comics and 20 loose comics.

You can buy it for $21.99 at Amazon right now.

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