Comic Book Investing Guide: DC Vs Vampires #10

February 21, 2023

Comic Book Investing Guide DC Vs Vampires #10

We love conspiracies and conspiracy-based stories because they subvert norms we take for granted and help us logically interpret senseless things. A lot of self-serving paranoia and distrust is thrown into the mix too, yes, but conspiracy stories provide a mental release from the stressors of the real world. As long as you don’t put on a foil hat or try Naruto-running into Area 51, you’re good. And that is why you will love DC Vs Vampires #10.

  • DC Vs Vampires #10 (October 2022) 
  • Published by DC Comics
  • Writer: James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg
  • Artist and Colorist: Otto Schmidt
  • Lettering: Tom Napolitano
  • Cover: Guillem March
  • Cover Price: $3.99
  • 12-Issue Limited Series

In this dystopian Elseworlds story, the DC world of superheroes has been taken over by vampires. Unfortunately, all of your favorite superheroes become vampires or die fighting the vampire-turned-superheroes.

The trope of superheroes as virtuous saviors is overturned. Even the most popular superheroes, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, only appear in the earliest issues of this series. However, the B and C-squad list of heroes who take on the struggling role of rebels and human saviors is still entertaining to read.

When the entire world is close to being ruled by superhero vampires, you may not pick Green Arrow, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, Damian Wayne, Punchline, Jayna, one half of the Wonder Twins, and the extended Batman family as the squad to turn the tide.

But writers James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg make you root for these underdog and underappreciated heroes. And artist Otto Schmidt’s distinctive and atmospheric art renderings pull the reader into a world that makes you feel like a horrified bystander within it, not a reader. 

What also needs to be mentioned is that there are way too many characters in this story, but Tynion IV and 

Not perfect by any means, but DC Vs Vampires #10, and the 12-issue limited series as a whole, is an immersive reading experience. I highly recommend that you pick it up, which should be reprinted as a trade by now. And I highly recommend that you buy every individual issue as a collectible investment.

Let’s break all of this data down now.

First Appearance of DC Vs Vampires

DC Vs Vampires #1 (October 2021) DC Comics

Required Reading (If You Like)

You will have to read DC Vs Vampires #1 through #9 to understand what is going on in this issue. Otherwise, you will be completely lost.

This 12-issue limited series recently finished, so you can buy it as individual issues or as a trade paperback.

Brief Bio and History 

The only thing that you need to know about this series is that a secret society of vampires is conspiring to turn the world into its blood bank.

The heroes turn on each other. The Trinity, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman become casualties of the war between the vampires and superheroes early on in this series. A well-known superhero becomes the villain in this series and the main leader of the vampire society.

Analog versions of the Trinity and various lesser-known characters are successively burdened with continuing the fight against the vampire hordes. And worse, they must fight to retain their humanity, and optimism, and struggle to find a purpose in a world destroyed by vampires.

Even if these B-List and C-List superheroes win the struggle, what will the world look like afterward? And will their efforts be worth it in the end after so much betrayal and loss by a superhero community they once took for granted?

DC Vs Vampires #10 – The Review

Previous in issues #1 through issue #9, the world was slowly taken over by an ancient and secret vampire society.

Instead of focusing on feasting on humans, the vampires focused on killing the supervillains and anyone who could warn the heroes and then turning the heroes to their cause.

The process was methodical, creepy, and slow encroaching. It started with one hero, a failed warning, and a betrayal that plunged the world into a hellish, dystopian vampire nightmare instead of one where heroes regularly save the day.

Tynion IV and Rosenberg excel at writing relatable characters, whether human, hero, or monster, that you root for, love to hate, hate to love, or sympathize with.

If you ever watched the “Superfriends,” cartoon from back in the day, you remember the delightfully friendly Wonder Twins. Zan is unceremoniously killed in issue #1, causing Jayna to become vindictive, emotionally traumatized, and vengeful.

Back in issue #1, The Flash was betrayed and killed by a friend turned traitor who was tasked with turning the superheroes into vampires. The vampire society determined that Flash was too dangerous to live, even if he could be turned. Imagine a vampire-turned Flash speeding around the Earth at superspeed biting and draining everyone.

Human beings are herded like cattle into “blood farms.” Like cows, they exist to keep a steady supply of sustenance for their vampire overlords. Other humans are allowed to roam freely in destroyed cities with no infrastructure so the more sadistic vampires can hunt them for sport. 

Vampire superheroes, who think they have inherited the world from humans, refer to them as “human supremacists.”

Tynion IV and Rosenberg very cleverly turn regular DC Comics trope upside down that make the stakes dire for the heroes. Their worldbuilding is nearly flawless.

In DC Vs Vampires #10, a group of heroes tries to break into Gotham City, the HQ of the vampire society to kill their leader. Green Arrow infiltrates a blood farm to persuade former heroes to help the cause. A weakened Supergirl travels to Australia, the last sanctuary of heroes fighting the vampires 

It’s not all perfect. Harley Quinn uses nudity and sexuality to outsmart a killer goon, and it’s annoying. She has no powers and should have been one of the first to bite it, pun intended. But she is so popular that her plot armor is impenetrable.

I already mentioned how talented Schmidt is as an artist, but he excels as a colorist too. The background panels of pages where Green Arrow is in the blood farm are colored an ominous red tone to convey the seriousness of the situation.

DC Vs Vampires #10 Verdict – Buy It or NOPE

BUY IT NOW! Buy it as a comic fan and as a potential collectible.

These Elseworlds stories are very popular with fans. There is a “Deceased,” DC Elseworlds project where the DC heroes are also plunged into a zombie apocalypse.

A copy of DC Vs Vampires #10 with a 9.8 CGC rating has a value of $54.An eBay seller with a variant cover featuring Supergirl sold their copy to a buyer for $70.

I highly recommend that you buy this issue as a comic book investment. And especially be on the lookout for variant covers.

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