Showcase and Protect Your Collection With These Top 3 Comic Book Showcase Displays

June 27, 2023

Comic book fans have it too good today. One does not even have to actually read real comic books to be a fan of comic books or comic book films and TV shows. But before 2008, when the superhero film era started, one had to read comic books to be a comic book fan. And comic book fans had to take care of and organize their comic books. We usually stuck them in mylar sleeves and then into a cardboard comic book box. I wish I knew about comic book showcase displays when I was younger.

Comic Book Showcase Displays

Comic book showcase displays are basically fancy picture frame displays for your comic books. But you use comic book displays to show off the comic books that matter to you.

I have never thought about it in this manner before, but comic book organization can be weird sometimes.

Comic books are meant to be seen and touched, and read. But comic book paper stock manufactured before the 1990s was made very cheaply.

Comic book paper, like all wood-derived paper, is very fragile. A substance called lignin is always continually breaking down the molecular connections in the paper. When you leave a comic book exposed to the elements, it will degrade, yellow, and become brittle.

Comic books must be protected, but how odd to read them, treat them as if they are so highly fragile, and stuff them away in a box most of the time. It is a necessary protective process, but comic books are meant to be seen and visually cherished

Comic book displays can help you display comic your most valued and cherished comic books for all to see.

Here are three of the best comic book showcase displays on the market.

BCW Comic Book Showcase Displays (5-Pack)

This product is made of durable, translucent, and high-impact polystyrene. It is made by BCW which is renowned for manufacturing high-quality comic book supply products.

This product comes as a five-pack of comic book showcase displays. Here are the product’s dimensions: 8.875 x 11.75

BCW designed these comic book showcase displays to be wall mountable and shock resistant if dropped on the floor. The manufacturer does not recommend hanging comic books in these comic book showcase displays in a bathroom or any room with excessive moisture.

This product was designed to optimally house Modern Age comic books.

Get it now at Amazon for $39.99.

BCW Silver Age Comic Book Showcase Display Case

BCW designed this product to optimally house and show off Silver Age comic books. This can be a perfect gift for nostalgic comic book fans who want to show off their prized comic books from the Silver Age.

Here are the product’s dimensions: 8.74 x 0.71 x 12.2 inches

The manufacturer claims that this product will safely house Modern Age comic books as well, but not comic books from the Bronze Age.

Get it now at Amazon for $11.12.

WKG Brands Comic Book Showcase Displays (2-Pack)

The greatest difference between this product with the other comic book showcase displays on this list is the fact that this WKG Brands is made of MDF.

Medium-density fiberboard is an “engineered wood” product. It is a high-density and durable wood product that is made of a composite of resin, wax, wood fibers, and particulates. It’s a durable heavy duty product that is shock resistant and can survive drops on the floor. 

Here are the product’s dimensions: 13.63 x 7.63 x 0.63

This product was specifically made to house Modern Age comic books.

The MDF material is also 100% acid-free, so any comic book that you house in it will be protected from degradation. The translucent polycarbonate cover is also UV-resistant – any comic book that you house in this display will be protected from sunlight damage.

Each showcase display features sawtooth hangers on the back for ease of hanging.

The manufacturer urges consumers to remove the protective film that is affixed to the polycarbonate cover after it arrives. 

You can get a two-pack right now at Amazon for $26.99.

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