Comic Book Investing Guide: Black Science Vol. 1

June 23, 2023

Image: Black Science Vol.1 courtesy Robot Zero Comics/FB. Art by Matteo Scalera.

The thing about adventure is that you can’t appreciate that you’re in the middle of one until it’s over. It isn’t like in the movies – an adventure in the real world can be terrifying, life-altering, or life-ending. The real world is full of real-life explorers, people willing to push the envelope of safer risk-taking to experience things everyday people never will – a recent prime example of this fact is the tragic adventurers who recently lost their lives exploring the Titanic wreck in a mini-sub. Adventurers lose their lives climbing Mount Everest, sky diving, or exploring in submarines all of the time – it’s why average people stay average and live normal lives. And that mindset is the question at the crux of the limited series Black Science Vol. 1 – what price are you willing to pay for adventure?

Black Science Vol. 1 (November 2013)

  • Published by Image
  • Writer: Rick Remender
  • Artist: Matteo Scalera
  • Colorist: Dean White
  • Lettering: Rus Wooten
  • Editor: Sebastian Girnir
  • Cover Price: $9.99 USD at Amazon (Collects Black Science issues #1 – 6)

Black Science is an adventure comic created by fan-favorite writer Rick Remender and artist Matteo Scalera back in 2013. While it was not a high-profile project, it should have been. Black Science Vol. 1 is an exhilarating, frightening, thought-provoking, and somber story of a scientist who only realizes the importance of family and living a stable, boring life after irrevocably losing it all in the pursuit of science and adventure.

If you are interested in collecting comic books as investment products, it would be worth your while to get the variant cover of Black Science #1.

First appearance of Black Science Vol.1

Black Science #1 (November 2013)

Brief Bio and History: Black Science Vol.1

Black Science Vol. 1 is a dimension-hopping adventure comic book that clearly was clearly inspired by the sci-fi TV show Quantum Leap and the concept of the multiverse.

The story is focused on a pot-smoking “anarchist scientist” named Grant McKay. McKay is a part of a society of scientists called the Anarchist Order of Scientists. This is a science group that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern science and completely rewriting its rules.

McKay has created a dimension-hopping machine called the Pillar that allows him to jump between dimensions. McKay calls his dimension-hopping concept “The Onion.” The more you peel back an onion, the more it stinks. And the deeper you go in, the more you get lost in its.

The logo for the AOS is also a stylized onion design.

Unfortunately for McKay, he has to choose between going on a life-altering adventure or living a normal life with his family. McKay’s coworkers and family goes on the adventure with him, which is a decision that McKay will come to gravely regret.

The Pillar starts to activate autonomously – McKay can’t control it. And with every activation, the Pillar sends McKay, his family, and colleagues further into the Onion. Coming back to their own reality becomes an impossible struggle when McKay can’t ascertain where they are in the Onion layers. 

And along the way, McKay and company enjoy epic adventures, endure impossible paradoxes, and lose the original intent of their mission. Instead of pushing the boundaries of science and rewriting all of the rules, McKay and Co. begin to regret their decisions, miss the normalcy of everyday life, and wish for anything except adventure.

The Review: Black Science Vol.1

Rick Remender is a fan-favorite comic book writer who is a legend in the industry. Remender has a storied career – he started out as an animator on films like Titan A.E. and The Iron Giant. He has written books. But he is very famous today for his prolific career as a comic book writer. 

Remender is well-known for his character development and intricate plot work in his stories and his talent shines in Black Science Vol.1.

In the first issue, McKay battles frog people while his family and crew realize that they are lost in dimensions. Some of the situations Remender presents to the reader are very campy.

But Remender knows how to balance narrative genres in his stories. Characters in Black Science Vol.1 experience jealousy, regret, exhilaration, and insecurity as they traverse the Onion. These adventurers are not depicted as fearless people without flaws – these are human beings who got in over their heads and who are realizing the high price of seeking adventure.

And the supporting characters that Remender creates are very memorable – make sure that you look out for Doxta the reality warping witch. She is a character you won’t forget any time soon.

Matteo Scalera’s artwork is somewhat cartoony but appropriate for the story too. When the story gets campy, it works – but when the story takes a turn for horror, drama, or adventure, Scalera’s style works just as well.

The Positive

This comic book is awesome! Go get it right now!

The Not So Good

The story drags in some parts, but it is nothing that negates the enjoyment of the story.

Verdict: Buy It or NOPE

Buy it right now.

You can get Black Science Vol.1., a trade paperback that collects the first six issues of the series, at Amazon for $9.99 now

But if I were you, I would invest in individual variant issues as a collectible investment. 

Current Market Price: Black Science Vol. 1

If you can find a copy of Black Science #1 in any condition, you could potentially make hundreds of dollars selling it right now. And this is for a comic book that came out in 2019.

A copy of issue #1 with a CGC rating of 9.8 is worth $120 on the collectibles market right now.

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