4 Smart Financial Moves For Small Businesses

November 16, 2022

Keeping track of business finances often feels like the biggest challenge of all. Running an operation is a complicated yet rewarding process, but it will only yield a lucrative return if all the protective measures are in place to keep things running smoothly. This guide explores four smart financial moves for small businesses and the value of incorporating them into the wider business plan. 

Use Verification Software

Sometimes overlooked, account verification is a good way to combat fraud and verify that every transaction is as it should be. Therefore, utilizing a platform like Yodlee account verification has undeniable benefits in the financial context for the company. Firstly, by engaging with Yodlee account verification, any business can immediately feel at ease with their transactions because there is a next to zero chance for money to go amiss. The customer relationship will be easier to establish, and there are fewer opportunities for fraud to get a seat at the table. 

Focus on Budgeting

Budgeting is the most important tool you will ever use as a business owner. If you have limited capacity when it comes to figuring out incomings and outgoings, this is something to figure out immediately. A budget is invaluable, irreplaceable and one of the guiding beacons for impactful financial integrity. Make a clear budget and stick with it, keeping things in a constant state of review and accepting a degree of flexibility as you go. 

Open a Business Bank Account

Separating personal and business accounts is a must. Don’t trade with your personal bank account because when it comes to paying taxes or sorting out payment discrepancies, this becomes increasingly difficult to decipher. A business account not only shows credibility, but it is easier to regulate and control when things are completely separated. The same is true of any assets you hold in your name. If they are personal, do not cross the collateral line and invoke them for the purposes of your business. If the asset belongs to the business, make sure it stays purely aligned with company actions. There has to be a clear distinction; it’s just good business practice. If you are on the search for the best bank for small business in Florida then look no further than Florida Capital Bank.

Automate Payments

Automating payments makes sense for four key reasons. 

  1. It saves so much time and therefore frees up the work hours for essential company agendas. 
  2. It increases and nurtures cash flow by ensuring you never miss a payment (unless you don’t have the funds). 
  3. It is highly cost-effective. The world is moving away from paper payment processes, and you should too. 
  4. It streamlines your schedule. Knowing exactly when payments will be processed is very useful for a busy business owner looking to lighten the load. 

So not only does it aid productivity, but it minimizes workload in administration areas where your time would be better spent elsewhere. 


These are five of the most impactful financial decisions you can take for a business. Companies, whether they are run from a home office or a global headquarters, deal with people and survive because of incoming transactions. Outgoing transactions also need consideration so everything remains credible and there is no reputational damage.

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