New Study Of Job Seekers Shows Shift In Mindset

November 22, 2022
 By Erin H.

A new study about the mindset of job seekers has come back with some enlightening information. Most employers mistakenly believe that money is the biggest motivator for job seekers. The results of the study found that employers are only partially right about the money factor. Attracting the best talent takes more than money. What is the new mindset of job seekers?

Job Seekers Want Benefits

Job seekers want to be paid what they feel they deserve but they also want a great benefits package. Some of the job seekers in the study indicated that they would take less money if they could have a great benefits package. Job seekers are looking for healthcare, sick days, family leave, vacation time, and other perks as part of their compensation package.

Money is still a great motivator, but not as great as it once was. In fact, according to Indeed, about 73% of people looking for a job are passively searching and are willing to wait for the right position with the right benefits.

Job Seekers Want a Job That Provides Balance

Job seekers report that they don’t want to miss out on important events in their family’s life because they are stuck at their job all the time. Work-home balance has become an important criterion for many job seekers. They want clear job descriptions and clear expectations before they decide if they will take the position. According to the Department of Labor, one-third of employed people said they would quit their job and find another if their job interfered with their home life.

Job Seekers Want to Believe In Their Employers

One of the surprising facts that emerged from the study was that a high number of job seekers are looking for a job they can feel good about. This may be the reason that 70% of the global workforce is only passively looking for a position while 30% are active in their search, according to Forbes. People want to believe they are working for an employer they can get behind.

Corporate culture is an important consideration for many job seekers. How the company fits into its own views and values is something more job seekers are considering. Some job seekers report no amount of money could persuade them to work for an organization they did not believe in.

Job Seekers Want to Feel Appreciated

Today’s job seekers report that feeling appreciated for the work they do is just as important to them as the money they earn from the job. New job seekers have different priorities than job seekers from even just a decade ago. They want to love what they do, and they want to love who they work with. They also want to feel like they are an important contributor to the work.

In today’s economy, there are more jobs open with fewer people willing to take them. Job seekers are more willing to sacrifice creature comforts and simplify their lifestyle than they are to take a job they will not be happy with.

It is hard to say if this new mindset is just a trend or if, moving forward, things will flip back to people wanting more money and less of the perks. Right now, the mindset is that employers have to offer more than money to attract highly talented candidates. They have to work harder than ever to come up with compensation packages that meet money requirements and lifestyle requirements. Maybe money does not make the world go round and it is how you treat people instead. Look for more money management tips and tricks!

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