Alternative Ways to Tackle Debt

Nobody wants to be in debt, but if you find yourself in a bind you will need a solution to your financial problems bad credit loans are readily available to folks nowadays. Yet, many people still believe that if you…

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X Files

Looking for a Writer

If youíve been following Personal Finance Advice, you know that we like to encourage our readers to also contribute to our blog. The PFA team is excited to announce that we are looking for a new volunteer blogger(s) to regularly…

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The Safe Investor Book

The Art of Gap Trading

What are the benefits of day trading? Well, if you are stuck in a boring cubicle job, learning money-making skills to escape and control your financial destiny is one of the main benefits. What starts you out on that path…

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Cell Phones and Accidents

Did you know that we now have the technology to disable cell phones while you are driving? This can prevent a lot of texting-related accidents. Some states have laws in place that prohibit the use of any type of handheld…

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