Can You Buy DC Comics Stock?

January 16, 2024

dc comics stock

You can’t buy DC Comics stock because DC Comics is not a publicly traded company. However, since DC Comics is owned by Warner Brothers Discovery, you can buy DC Comics stock indirectly by buying WBD stocks.

Still, the question would be, why would you want to buy DC Comics stock indirectly? Recent public decisions made by WBD head David Zaslav show that the company is in a creative crisis, in heavy debt, and squandered the goodwill and patience of its fans.

Consult a stockbroker or financial consultant before indirectly buying DC Comics stock. Do your research and consider all of your options before making such decisions. You will get tips on how to indirectly buy DC Comics stock in this article, but first, here are several reasons why you may want to think more than twice about it.

WBD Stock Price

In March 2021 a share of WBD stock was worth $77. One share of WBD stock has a market value of $10.41 as of the publication of this article.

Formerly known as Time Warner, the company was then sold to telecommunications giant AT&T and spun off in 2022. Warner Brothers then merged with Discovery and became known as Warner Brothers Discovery.

It would be an understatement to say that WBD stock is volatile. The company’s reputation in Hollywood has been severely tarnished by several comic book films that have all bombed or underperformed at the box office since 2018’s Aquaman, which made over $1.1 billion.

Black Adam, The Flash, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, are all WBD films that bombed and lost money at the box office within the past year alone.

Additionally, there have been persistent rumors for several years that WBD might merge or be sold off to either Paramount Studios or Universal Films. Keep all of these things in mind if you plan to indirectly buy DC Comics stocks.

Fractured Fanbase and Squandered Goodwill

In January 2023, filmmaker and former Marvel director James Gunn was announced as one of the co-heads of the new DC Studios. Gunn announced a new slate of films, shows, and animation projects that will be released within the next few years: a new Superman film starring actor David Corenswet should be released in July 2025.

However, many entertainment experts believe that the company’s fanbase has been let down and disappointed so much over the past decade that such moves might be a lost cause. Gunn has to oversee and deliver a string of successes in the DCU to win back fan goodwill because the fanbase is so fractured.

Failure of the DCEU

Aquaman 2, which has barely made $340 million currently, is the last DCEU film project. 2025’s Superman Legacy will be the dawn of the DCU and usher in the Gunnverse, a new era of DC Comics-based films.

However, there is a large, vocal, and toxic fanbase that refuses to let go of the DCEU, also sometimes referred to as the Snyderverse.

The DCEU, an interconnected cinematic universe that was supposed to rival the MCU, started with 2011’s Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds. However, DCEU fans pretend that the film never happened since it bombed so spectacularly.

Filmmaker Zack Snyder was hired to direct and creatively lead Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and two Justice League films which were then condensed into one. After a family tragedy, Snyder walked off of the Justice League film. Although the film was mostly finished, Joss Whedon was brought in to re-film large amounts of the film.

Even though the DCEU only had two solid financial successes in the first Wonder Woman and Aquaman films, Snyder has an online fanbase that remains loyal to this day. This fractured fanbase could cause complications since many have vocally expressed that they won’t embrace the upcoming DCU.

Many DCEU fans are devoted to Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman and are eyeing his upcoming replacement with suspicion.

The upcoming DCU is going to be a real gamble for WBD; the new cinematic universe cannot afford to fail. This is another point to keep in mind if you want to indirectly invest in DC Comics stock.

Positive Reasons to Indirectly Buy DC Comics Stock

Even though the upcoming DCU has a lot to prove, many fans are anticipating what Gunn does to creatively differentiate himself from the DCEU.

The sequels to The Batman and Joker films are also highly anticipated.

WBD owns many subsidiary companies like CNN, Fandango, several film companies and TV stations, HBO, and more.

How to Indirectly Buy DC Comics Stock

You can invest in DC Comics stock through a private stock broker. However, it might be easier to use an online brokerage firm. Such firms include:

  • eToro
  • TradeKing
  • IG
  • Sharebuilder
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Robinhood
  • Zecco
  • E*Trade
  • Fidelity Investments
  • IG


Consult with a financial expert before attempting to indirectly invest in DC Comics stock.

Do your research and ask yourself why you would want to indirectly invest in DC Comics stock. Any company can make a turnaround, but the company is now in financial turmoil. The fans of its films are fractured and antagonistic to the company. And the upcoming slate of new films is not guaranteed to become hits.

Are you mesmerized by the hype? Are you looking to make quick money? Do you want to diversify your financial portfolio, or are you following the crowd?

Try to answer these questions before you make any investment.

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