3 Short Comic Book Boxes for New Readers

November 1, 2023

Reading comic books as a hobby can be extremely hard to get into for a novice just like it is for any other hobby. Many of the comic book IPs that you are familiar with due to the billion-dollar films have canon and storylines that go back for decades. However, if you are willing to jump into it, you will find the experience fulfilling. You can collect comic books for sentimentality or for investing purposes. Either way, you will also need to buy comic book boxes to safely store them.

Nine extremely rare comic books were sold for over $1 million each in 2022 alone. A Milwaukee couple made headlines in the last week of October 2023 after they found a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 in the estate of a deceased relative. The 1962 comic features the first appearance of Spider-Man and is very rare and valuable.

Although the copy the couple found was not in good physical condition, they may still be able to sell it for up to $35,000 if they can find a buyer.

The point is that there are many reasons for starting to collect comic books and there is no reason to find the hobby intimidating. If you want to become a Stephen King fan and read all of his books you will have to wade through decades of short stories and novels. Stephen has been estimated to have written over 8 million words since he started writing.

If you are interested in becoming a comic book fan, you should just start and you can start slowly. And you can start by getting short comic book boxes.

Short Comic Book Boxes

Short comic book boxes are cardboard boxes that are designed to store and organize comic book collections. Short comic book boxes are designed to store less than 200 or 100 comic book boxes. Long comic book boxes can store 300+ comic books depending on the dimensions.

If you don’t know where to start with comic books, you can start with comic book gift boxes. These are basically collections of random comic book titles that give you a taste of the medium. You can get a gift box of 25 random comic books for $29.99 from Amazon for example.

You can also network with friends, relatives, or neighbors to find someone looking to unload old comic book collections. Many people give away their comic books on social media marketplaces. This is also a great way to get into comic books for investment purposes to find valuable comic books.

It’s always the people who criticize comic books the most, throwing out old comic book collections, or giving them away free to any takers who have no idea that they might have a valuable comic book or two on their hands. (Like the person who died with a $35,000 comic book in their belongings)

The first thing to understand about comic book collecting is that it is your responsibility to collect and organize your comic books and keep them secure. Whether you buy them as a hobbyist or investor you should place each comic book in a comic book sleeve with a backing board. Then you should place the comics in a comic book box.

Here are three comic book box products that you can try out if you are new to comic books.

Woodhaven Short Comic Book Boxes

These short comic book boxes are made by the Woodhaven Trading Firm and are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be made of the most durable and high-quality materials. These comic book storage boxes are constructed of strong cardboard materials that are manufactured into a sleek and customized fitting tighter design.

Each Woodhaven comic book box has connecting lids built into its frames. All you have to do is to fold the box easily assemble it into its final shape and start using it. Each box can house about 150 to 175 comic books securely.

Here are the dimensions of each Woodhaven comic book: 16 3/4 x 11 1/2 x 8 ¼

Woodhaven comic book boxes are designed to house Silver and Modern Age comic books comfortably. The manufacturer proudly advertises that all of the materials used in the construction of its comic book boxes are made with 100 percent American labor and materials.

You will get 3 short comic book boxes with each purchase for $29.99 at Amazon.

EOOUT Short Comic Storage Box (2 Boxes)

The manufacturer states that this product is made from durable and high-quality Oxford cloth cardboard materials which also make it long-lasting. These boxes are also highly impact-resistant.

Each comic book box can be easily assembled via folding and comes with a separate lid. The manufacturer states that you could probably assemble each box within one minute.

Here are the dimensions of each box: 9.5″L x 7.9″W x 11.8″H

It must be noted that the manufacturer suggests that consumers tape the connecting underside folds of each box to add more strength and security whenever they lift the box. Each comic book box is designed to comfortably store anywhere between 70 to 80 comic books.

Get two boxes with each purchase for $9.99 at Amazon now.

Invested Alliance Comic Book Boxes (3 Pack)

You get three boxes per purchase with this product. The manufacturer claims that each box is extremely impact-resistant and strength-tested under laboratory conditions and is designed to store the weight of up to 200 pounds of paper.

Each comic book box is designed to store up to 175 comic books. Invested Alliance comic book boxes are also designed to store Modern and Silver Age comic books. Here are the dimensions of each box: 15-13/16″ x 8″ x 11-3/8″

Get a three-pack for $29.99 at Amazon now.

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