Citi Custom Card: Earn More Points and Rewards

September 21, 2021

Citi credit cards offer many benefits to travelers. Citi offers a variety of travel rewards and has plans for more on many cards that will be introduced in the future. Citi also offers cash back benefits on many of their cards. Citi is known to offer a variety of cards that offer benefits to cardholders, such as airline miles and points programs. Citi has plans for more on several cards that will be introduced in the future.

Citi offers a variety of cash back rewards programs. These rewards can be used at millions of retailers worldwide. Citi offers air miles and bonus points for spending at Citi stores worldwide. Citi offers additional rewards with many of their cards. Citi offers cash rewards on credit cards for cash purchases made at Citi-owned and operated retail stores, including dollar and discount stores.

Citi cards also offer an air mile program:

This program allows cardholders to earn one mile for every dollar that they charge for tickets or purchases at any Citi-operated store. This program is good at Citi Travel and Citi Retail stores worldwide. Citi offers a card called the Citi Platinum Card which has greater cash back and credit card benefits than the standard Citi Platinum Card. The card allows cardholders to earn cash back on purchases at over 150 airlines worldwide.

Citi also has a travel rewards program called Citi Air:

Citi Air includes many different benefits for cardholders who travel. Citi Air includes a free flight, free hotel stay, and a percentage of every air ticket that is booked. Citi Air allows cardholders to cash back on all the tickets that are purchased and any purchases at over two hundred Citi operated hotels worldwide. Citi Air cardholders also have the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

Citi Airline rewards are offered in different forms depending on the cardholder’s airline privileges:

 Citi Airline rewards are awarded to Citi cardholders who fly on the Citi Delta airlines on a frequent basis. Citi Airline rewards are a form of air credit card rewards that allows cardholders who use Citi to book tickets through their website a 1-time bonus. Citi Airline rewards come in the form of cash back or a percentage of the ticket cost that can be applied to purchasing future tickets.

Citi Shopping Cards are great credit cards for anyone looking for a way to save:

Citi Shopping Cards are issued at a low cost and has cash back rewards. Citi Shopping Cards has the option for selecting from multiple stores that accept Citi cards. Citi cards have an extensive variety of features such as travel points, rewards programs, online account management, and much more. Citi cards allow cardholders to choose between several forms of rewards programs. Citi also has the option of purchasing traveler’s checks with cash back on Citi cards.

Use Citi travel rewards cards while traveling:

Citi Travel Rewards cards are designed to provide cardholders with rewards when they use Citi airfare, hotel stays, rental car expenses, and other travel services through the internet. Citi Travel Rewards cards are issued at a low cost and have cash back bonuses when cardholders use Citi travel programs. Citi Travel Rewards cards have the option of selecting from several forms of travel incentives. Citi Travel Rewards comes with air miles that can be redeemed for free tickets, discounted hotel stays, and other forms of incentives. Citi Travel Rewards is offered at a low cost and is accepted by most major hotels worldwide.

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