The Business Name: Essential Need-to-Knows

July 30, 2020

Important aspects to consider when you opt for a business name generator. 

Naming your business might seem like a simple task, especially if you are very clear on your business model and message, but when it comes to actually naming your business there might be a few important considerations that are easy to miss. This article will go over essential need-to-knows and what you might need to consider when naming your LLC. 

Let’s first take a look at the ins and outs of naming your business, and why you might need some additional assistance. 

Consider this scenario:You named your business and opened a website, you feel excited and ready to create new content and build new relationships. A month into your business being present online you receive an email from a disgruntled business owner informing you that you are copying his name – this could potentially turn into a legal dispute. 

Did you research business name availability prior to launching your online business? Did you run through the correct systems of double-checking your business name not only online, but in your state? 


Why Using TRUiC’s Free Business Name Generator is an Important Step When Naming Your Business

1. Legal Safety 

To safeguard yourself from any lawsuits or disgruntled business owners (online or in your state) you can run through TRUiC’s free online business name generator, which allows you to search for your prospective business name before hitting the launch button. 

Not only does it allow you to find a .COM availability, but you can enhance your search by finding the name in your industry and in your state.

2. Brainstorm Before Launch 

Not only does TRUiC’s business name generator allow you to do prior research before you launch your business, it allows you to find the right name for you. 

Before you hit the launch button, brainstorm around 3 to 5 unique names that you like and enter these in the search bar on TRUiC’s business name generator and eliminate all possibilities until you find the name for you. 

3. Name Guaranteed 

Once you have found the name you want to use, TRUiC can secure the name for you for the duration of a month until you are 100% sure you want to continue with it. 

What You Need to Consider When Naming Your LLC

In addition to utilising a business name generator for brainstorming and research purposes prior to launching your business, it is also important to understand what you need to consider when you name your LLC, which is an acronym for ‘Limited Liability Company’. It is important to note that every state will have varying rules when you want to form your LLC, and you should keep in mind and do adequate research about the rules in your state. 

1.What You Can Include

When you choose your business name and need to register it you will need to include the acronym LLC in your name

2. What You Can’t Include 

Be aware of terminology within your business name that might be similar to government agency names and can cause confusion, for example, agencies like the State Department.  

3. Restrictions 

Words like bank or university are part of restricted words, if you need to use these words in your business name you will need to apply for further paperwork as well as have a licenced practitioner part of your business to justify why you need to use these words in your business name. 

Prior to launching your business you need to make sure you have all the legal necessities completed, that includes having a registered business, whether it is online or on physical premises. An important point to remember is to be aware of where you are located and what the rules are for your state. You can read more about the above information on TRUiC’s webpage, including how to generate your business name.  


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