How To Make Your Smartphone Last For Years

July 8, 2020

Smartphones are expensive, not everyone can afford a phone that is $1000+ every year. 

Making your smartphone last as long as possible can save you a good amount of money in the long run. While it is tempting to buy a smartphone everytime Apple or Samsung releases a new phone, keep in mind that they will release yet another one not too long after, maintaining your old one for longer and getting use out of your large purchase will be much more satisfying. 

Making your smartphone last up to five years

Think about it this way: Most phones have only minor adjustments from the previous model and aren’t really worth forking over a hefty chunk of change when you still have a recent and similar model that performs well. Here is how to maintain your smartphone so that it can last as long as five years. 

Protect your phone

The most important thing you can do to maintain your phone’s health is to protect it. Make sure you have a screen protector over your phone and additionally you should get a proper phone case. A popular phone case brand that has good reviews is Otterbox, the company makes phone cases for many popular smartphone models as well as other devices. 

Take care of your battery

Poor battery life is what often people list as the reason they get a new phone, but a phone battery can function well for years if it is taken care of. 

To maintain a healthy battery, start by seeing if any of your apps are eating your battery life. Many smartphones will have features that will let you know what apps are eating your battery. 

Your apps actually play a huge part in your phone’s battery health. Make sure to close your background apps and check your phone’s permissions’s settings to see if any of your apps have permission to run your location even if you aren’t using them. 

Finally, one more easy hack is to put your phone on low power mode as often as possible. 

Update your phone

Doing all of your phone updates will assist in keeping your device running smoothly by fixing bugs, repairing performance issues, and keeping your phone secure among other things. 

Updating your phone is easy and will assist in keeping it running like it’s new. 

Clean out your phone

One of the worst things you can do to your phone is store a bunch of junk on it and not clean it. By taking up too much space, your phone will not run at optimal speed and you may actually do some damage. 

To clean out your phone, start by removing any apps that you don’t use. Then, clean out your photos and videos and only save your favorites (make sure to store your photos and videos that you wish to keep on something else first). You can also delete any voicemails that you don’t need anymore as well as notes. 

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