How to Find the Right Adoption Attorney for You

January 23, 2024
 By Erin H.

When you decide to adopt a child, there are many steps you’ll need to take. Without proper support and guidance, you may feel overwhelmed. An experienced adoption lawyer can guide and support you through the process. Therefore, you should contact an adoption attorney as soon as possible on your adoption journey.

Be Sure You’re Ready for Adoption

Before you begin the adoption process, ask yourself if you’re ready to adopt a child. If you’re married or part of a committed relationship, the two of you must discuss the implications of an impending adoption. Statistics show the average American marriage lasts just over eight years. Adding an adopted child to your family requires a commitment for the rest of that child’s life, so you must be sure you’re prepared to give that commitment.

Make Choices Before Seeing an Attorney

Before meeting with an adoption attorney, making some decisions is essential. You may be planning to ask a surrogate to carry your child, as thousands of women offer to give the gift of surrogacy each year. If that’s not your chosen route, you should have an age range in mind for your new child. Other decisions would include open adoption versus closed adoption and whether you’re open to adopting a child from another country.

Search for the Right Lawyer

Like many other searches, your search for a lawyer will likely begin with an internet search. Look at the websites of attorneys in your area, as well as their Facebook pages. Search for online client reviews. If you know someone who adopted a child, ask them if they can recommend their attorney.

Ask About Adoption Experiences

You’re going to want an adoption attorney who knows the local divorce law and one who is familiar with the court. You’ll trust this person to help you with something close to your heart. To find out about a lawyer’s experience, during your phone call to the lawyer, ask them how many years they’ve worked with divorce cases. Ask if they’re willing to provide references from past clients.

Make a Phone Call to an Attorney

Once you have your choices down to a few lawyers, call and talk with some of them. Let them know you want to adopt a child and then what choices you have regarding the adoption. Get an impression of how that lawyer would work with you, and ask any questions you have. Once you have your final selection, make an appointment for your first visit.

Determine the Cost of Adoption

Before committing to the adoption or further, it’s essential to know if you can afford the adoption and its costs. According to Adoption Network, the average cost of a private adoption in the U.S. ranges between $25,000 to $40,000. Other adoptive options, such as surrogacy adoptions and international adoptions, would provide a broader range of prices for the case. If you need help gathering enough money, some banks offer special rates for adoption loans.

Go to Court to Finalize Adoption

You may wonder what it will be like to be in court for an adoption case. All you may know about being in court is that the Sixth U.S. Constitutional Amendment promises citizens the right to be notified of accusations of their charges and a swift public trial with the help of a qualified lawyer in the presence of an impartial jury. However, being in court for an adoption is a much happier occasion. For adoption finalization, the whole family will stand up and answer simple questions from the judge and then declare the child to be your legal family member.

As you prepare to adopt a child, you’ll have many hurdles to clear. Keep your attorney’s number nearby, and ask them for help whenever you need it. It won’t be an easy road. But, it will be worth it when your family welcomes their new member.

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