How to Physically Recover After an Oral Injury

November 22, 2023
 By Erin H.

An oral injury can occur for a number of reasons, including undergoing a procedure, getting the wisdom teeth removed, or getting new dental implants. Whatever the case, these injuries can leave you quite uncomfortable and longing for a way to get better. There are a number of steps that you can take with this in mind, and here are some of them so that you have a faster and more effective recovery.


To begin with, you need to have proper rest. This is because rest is good in terms of helping injuries heal faster and better. Along the same lines, you need to avoid tasks such as driving or anything else that could call for straining or concentrating. Even if you’re not actually impacting the injured area directly, you could still worsen the injury by not resting as your whole body may feel the impact. This applies to any type of oral injury that you have, including a temporomandibular disorder, which is twice as common in women than it is in men, especially women between the ages of 35 and 44 years old.

Use Ice

Ice can help relieve an oral injury by helping reduce swelling in a short time. This makes it a great idea for you to make use of an ice pack from the moment you get back home from receiving treatment for the oral injury. An ice pack could alleviate bruising and swelling on your face considerably, helping reduce the swelling in two to three days. You may want to do this without impacting your rest, which could be managed by keeping the lighting around the house low whenever you have to turn the bulbs on. On this note, keep in mind that the global market for outdoor lighting in 2022 was $15.34 billion, according to Grand View Research.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

Remember to follow the instructions that your dentist gives you as well so that you improve your chances of getting better in a short time. As far as work goes, make sure that everything is also in order by following the regulations on reporting injuries, so that you can keep up with your treatment a lot better. For this, keep in mind that employees generally have 20 days from the date when they get involved in an accident to let their employer know that they sustained an injury. In this way, you can work on recovering without risking your employment status and personal finance, and you could also benefit from any compensation that may be due to you.


If you’re put on medication by your dentist, make sure to take it as you need to. This is going to make it easier for you to get relief from the injury and therefore have an easier time recovering. The same case applies to medication that’s meant to help you ward off infections and other issues. Take it as you should so that your injury recovers in the best possible way.

Watch What You Eat

Last but not least, an oral injury is going to make your mouth a lot more sensitive. This makes it important for you to watch what you eat. Take care and avoid eating chewy, spicy, hot, tough, or too hot or too cold foods. These can strain your mouth, impacting the teeth and gums. The result could be slower healing, more pain, and other issues that you could have avoided by exercising caution with the meals that you choose.

These are some of the ways in which you can recover after an oral injury. They generally call for you to practice better oral hygiene and be gentle with your teeth and gums. When you follow these guidelines, you’re going to enjoy a faster recovery from the injury and get back to your normal life.

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