Here’s What to do If You’re Involved in an Auto Collision

July 26, 2023
 By Erin H.

Anyone can be involved in a car accident. If you find yourself in one, try not to panic. There are critical things you must do during those frightening moments. How you act may determine if someone lives or dies. Here are some of the first-responder tasks that could save a life.

1. Check To See If You’re Hurt

You can’t help anyone if you’re not in a position to, especially if you’re hurt and need help. Try not to move if you have serious injuries. Instead, call 911 and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive. The Zebra asserts that difficult winter driving conditions are responsible for over 135,000 injuries and 2,000 deaths yearly. So, be extra careful on the road during winter.

2. Check On Others and Assist Them If Injured

After an accident, someone’s life could be hanging by a thread. Assuming you’ve not been hurt and are in a position to help, assist the injured in the best way possible to get them out of danger. Call 9-1-1 if they require further medical attention. If everyone is safe, the next step is essential.

3. Get to Safety

If you can, move to the sidewalk, or if your car is mechanically sound to drive, maneuver it to the roadside to avoid endangering others. Otherwise, get yourself to safety without it. In some states, to prevent traffic congestion after an accident, you’re required to move your vehicle from the roadway if it’s still drivable.

4. Record the Accident Scene

If you can, take as many pictures and videos of the accident scene as possible from different angles. Also, talk to people who witnessed the accident and record their accounts. This is critical since you may need their assistance as witnesses. The videos and pictures will also act as crucial evidence in case of a compensation claim.

5. Exchange Information

It’s essential to exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident. Among the details you may later need are their names, license plate numbers, VIN (vehicle identification number), models and years of manufacture of every vehicle involved in the accident, email and physical addresses of those involved, their insurance providers, and policy numbers, and the license numbers of drivers involved. The color of the involved vehicles and the accident’s location are also critical details.

6. Notify the Police and File a Report

Notify the police as the law requires, and don’t give in to the other party’s attempts to dissuade you from reporting the accident. They may be trying to avoid a DUI charge after having too much alcohol content in their blood. According to the University Health Services of the University of Texas, the amount of alcohol in one’s bloodstream is known as BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). If, for instance, you have one out of a thousand parts of alcohol in your blood, you have 0.10% BAC.

7. Notify Your Auto Insurance Provider

As soon as practical after a car accident, notify your insurance provider to kickstart the claim process. You can get immediate assistance from your insurance carrier since most have staff on stand-by 24/7. You’ll, however, need proof of auto insurance, a mandatory legal requirement for filing a compensation claim.

8. Repair Your Car

At some point, you’ll need to have your car checked and repaired by a qualified independent auto repair shop or a dealership. According to an article published by Market Source, IRS, also known as independent auto repair shops, perform three-quarters of the aftermarket auto repair business. Dealerships account for the remaining (25%). So, it’s essential to consider this in your budgeting, as each has different charges.

The first moments after a car accident are critical. Of critical importance is to check yourself to establish if you’re injured or not. If not, help others who may not have been as lucky. Call 9-1-1 for help if necessary. This is crucial since the first interventions after an accident could save lives. Once you’ve done all you can to secure yourself and document the accident scene, notify your auto insurance provider and the police in case you need to file for compensation.

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