How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System on Average?

July 10, 2023


Thanks to the growing trend of cannabis, the “natural remedy” era is booming. Between the variety of cannabis products available now, like oils, pills, and cannabis edibles, it’s not difficult to find a way to get a bit of nature’s medicine. This is especially true given the fact that cannabis has become incredibly easy to get your hands on. For example, there are many retailers you can buy edible online from to suit your preferences and needs.

However, the answer to “How long do edibles stay in your system?” is important so that you can be sure of when and how you should consume them.

Fortunately, we’ve got the answer for you. Keep reading to find out!

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System?

Edibles typically stay in your system for 3-12 days, although this can vary depending on the type and strength of the edible. The length of time the edible is in your system can also vary depending on the individual. It depends on metabolism and general health.

Those who have a faster metabolism may see the edible leave their system sooner. Those with a slower metabolism may experience the effects for a longer period.

The amount consumed can also have a major impact on how long edibles remain in the system. Eating larger amounts of edibles will take longer to metabolize and clear from the system.

Overall, the length of time edibles remain in the system ultimately depends on the person and various other factors.

Ways to Lessen the Time Edibles Stay In Your System

To lessen the time edibles stay in your system, it’s important to first select the right potency of edible. You have to make sure that you are consuming a cannabis strain that isn’t too strong.

You can even eat foods high in fiber. This will speed up your metabolism and reduce the time it takes for edibles to move through your system.

Lastly, keeping your body hydrated and staying active can help to speed up the process. You can drink water, or you can also try a reputable smoke shop detox to speed up the time that edibles leave your system.

Ways to Prolong the Time Edibles Stay In Your System

Sadly for some people, the time frame that edibles stay in your body may be a bit too short. Fortunately, there are a few steps one can take to prolong the time it takes for edibles to leave your system.

One of the most important factors to take into account when wanting a longer-lasting edible is the dispensary in which you purchase the product. When you purchase from reputable dispensaries like https://perfectplantmarket.com/collections/delta-9-edibles you can be sure you are buying a much higher quality edible, and therefore, the feeling should last longer due to the volume and higher quality ingredients being used.

Eating edibles with a meal or with fatty foods can slow down the digestion process. This will extend the time it takes to process the edibles.

Some users also suggest taking a magnesium supplement. It can help to metabolize the active ingredient more slowly. However, it’s important to be conscious of how much your body can metabolize and not overindulge. Too much of an edible can overtax your system and cause unwanted side effects.

Take Edibles With Caution Starting Today

So, how long do edibles stay in your system? On average, edibles can stay in your system for 3-12 days, although it can vary. Just remember to dose edibles accordingly and be mindful of the effects.

Check with your doctor if you have any additional questions or concerns about edibles, as their opinion is invaluable!

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