Top Comic Book Recommendations for Kids Ages 8 to 10

May 2, 2023

When I was a kid, my mother was worried about me reading comic books. I loved reading traditional books, but when I learned about comic books, I became a fanatic about them. One of my middle school teachers assured her that comic book reading was just as legitimate an activity as reading a print book. And I have been reading everything ever since. So, if you have a young reader, I have a list of the best comic books for kids 8 to 10.

Comic Books for Kids 8 to 10 (Start Them Early)

According to some statistics, almost 60% of 8-year-old children read at least five and sometimes seven days a week.

But that statistic drops to 35% by the time that 8-year-old turn 9. Children get older, make friends, and find new distractions. So, do yourself a favor as a parent, and get them hooked on reading as early as possible.

Here are some of the best comic books for kids 8 to 10 for you to consider.

DC Graphic Novels for Kids Box Set

This is a four-book box set of some of the best comic books for kids 8 to 10. This box set features all-ages comic book stories featuring some of the most popular DC superheroes.

The stories are portrayed in a way to make such powerful superheroes instantly relatable and exciting to young children. The focus of the stories is not on how powerful the superheroes are or focused on their incredible abilities.

Instead, each of the four stories offers relatable moral lessons centering on the fact that no matter their abilities, even superheroes are human.

Dear Justice League is written by Michael Northrop and drawn by Gustavo Duarte. The story’s premise finds the world’s mightiest superheroes finding the time to answer fan letters written by children between their patrols to save the world and fight for justice.

The Justice League, who are incredibly powerful beings, find themselves answering mundane questions like: Does Superman make mistakes like regular people? Does Wonder Woman have to obey her parents? When Aquaman finishes a patrol, does he smell like fish?

The humorous tale shows kids the importance of staying grounded and personable, no matter one’s responsibilities.

Superman of Smallville is written by Franco Aureliani and drawn by Art Baltazar. In this humorous story, 13-year-old Clark Kent is growing up in Smallville under the watchful eye of his fretting parents. Clark’s powers are beginning to reveal themselves and his parents worry about his ability to control them. 

When important items begin to become stolen in the local area, Clark’s parents think he is misbehaving. Clark has to find a way to clear his identity, respect his parent’s worrying, and show that he is slowly learning to control his new awesome powers.

Black Canary: Ignite is written by Meg Cabot and drawn by, Cara McGee. In this tale, 13-year-old Dinah Lance is having issues relating to her school friends and living up to the reputation of her father, a famous police officer

Dinah is making plans to win a local music contest. She is also making plans for her future, which involves becoming a cop. A new mysterious enemy begins making trouble locally and Dinah begins to question her own identity and what it takes to become a hero.

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid is written and drawn by Kirk Scroggs. The story tells a humorous tale of a child-age Swamp Thing hero named Russell Weinwright who navigates life being a half-plant, half-kid, and all-middle school student. 

Along with dealing with the everyday issues of childhood, Russell thinks one of his teachers might be a mad scientist.

The stories are interesting enough for small children to enjoy without being too intense. Get this one on Amazon for $9.99

Miles Morales: Shock Waves

This is an original all-ages comic book story written by Justin A. Reynolds and drawn by Pablo Leon. Reynolds is a best-selling writer and Leon is a former Eisner awards nominee. This is one of the best comic books for kids 8 to 10 as it was written by professional and award-winning artists.

In this story, Morales travels to the birthplace of his mother, Puerto Rico. The island has been devastated by an earthquake. Morales travels to the island to offer humanitarian aid and help the local residents.

As he is volunteering in Puerto Rico, Morales learns that there may be a mysterious connection between the earthquake and a company that appears to be altruistic but may have some evil intent. 

The story teaches young people to embrace their heritage, or multiple ethnic heritages, and to always stand for what they believe in. Get it for $8.99 at Amazon.

Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea: A Graphic Novel

This is another one of the best comic books for kids 8 to 10 because it was written by the acclaimed and best-selling creator of Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey

Dog Man and his sidekick Piggy are on the hunt for new adventures, arch-enemies, and new opportunities to prove their heroism. This story is humorous and displays the importance of collaboration and working with others, and the importance of integrity to children.

If your child loves the Captain Underpants stories, then they are certain to enjoy this story as well. Get it at Amazon now for $9.49.

Comic Books for Kids 8 to 10

I have recommended comic books as a starting point for reading options for kids. I am just offering ideas. You know your child better than anyone. Read to them and ask them what kinds of stories they like and relate to.

You can then use that information to explore your child to more reading options.

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