Most Common Problems in Homes: A List for First Time Home Buyers

April 3, 2023

Whether you looking to buy a home or are planning to renovate the space this year, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Besides the roofing, concrete and curb, there is a lot more than goes into a home. You might have set your eyes on a property but if does not have the right systems in place, it will only cost you more at a later stage. The cost of repair and maintenance of a home is one of the biggest expenses for a first-time home buyer. 

Before you sign the mortgage, documents and finalize on the home, there are some of the most common home problems you should be aware of and ensure that they are resolved before you move in. That said, it also helps to set aside a certain amount in the emergency fund for the unexpected repairs that might come up. 


Common home problems 


  • No smoke alarms or missing alarms
  • Doors require servicing and adjusting
  • Lack of protection from a ground-fault circuit interrupter
  • Heads as well as faucets require servicing
  • Sealer and exterior caulking are missing 
  • Switches and outlets have deficiencies
  • Bulbs and fixtures have deficiencies 
  • Issues with the electric service panel
  • Nail pops or cracks in cosmetic sheetrock
  • No proper drainage


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that even if you buy a new home, it is important to get a thorough home inspection done. Only then, you will be able to find the right property and ensure that you do not end up spending a lot of money on repairs and maintenance at a later stage. No matter the type of home you purchase, it is important to set aside a certain amount every year for the regular repairs and maintenance of your home. Let’s take a look at the common maintenance expenses you need to budget for.

  • HVAC cleaning and maintenance 


In order to live a healthy life, it is important to maintain the air quality in your home. This is why you must set aside a budget for the HVAC system’s regular cleaning and maintenance. The experts at Fixd repair appliance & HVAC service company state, “the average cost of cleaning the air duct in and around Dallas can be around $350 but there are times when you will have to do full cleaning at least once in a few years and this will cost a little more.” However, if you have an HVAC warranty, the cost of repair or maintenance might become easier on your pocket. 

  • Landscaping


Landscaping or lawn care is a time-consuming activity and it could also cost more than you expected. In a lot of homes, landscaping is neglected until the lawn is in a terrible condition and if you do this, expect to shell out a lot more than you budgeted for. This is important because it is a part of your home that everyone will see first. You should schedule lawn maintenance and landscaping activities every few months and a lot of it is tied up in general landscaping, mowing and watering. 


  1. Housekeeping 


There is nothing as safe as a clean home and regularly cleaning the home, right from the countertops to sweeping in the heavy footfall areas is an essential task which will consume more time than money. You will still have to invest in the cleaning supplies and might also have to pay for professional help. It is possible to keep the costs down by cleaning the most important areas of your kitchen and living room every weekend. 


  1. Check the smoke alarm batteries


As mentioned above, a lot of homes do not have a smoke alarm and those that have are not functioning well. The smoke alarm is a very important aspect of your home and they do not go off too often, but they do keep you safe. It helps to ensure that they are in working order by replacing the batteries from time to time. You must at least replace them once a year.


  1. Clean the chimney


If you are a homeowner who does not use the fireplace, your chimney will still require a regular checkup. It will carry all the dangerous gases from the wood stove, fireplace and the furnace out of the home, thus, keeping the air inside safe and healthy. No matter how often you use it, the chimney should be annually inspected, and it should be cleaned from time to time based on your usage. But never make the mistake of neglecting the chimney.


If you are looking to buy a home or are planning to upgrade the home, these are a few of the top maintenance tips you must keep in mind. No matter how often you use the systems or appliances, their maintenance will keep them functional while also keeping you and your family safe. 


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