5 Essential Finance Tips for Newlyweds

March 30, 2023
 By Erin H.

Yaay! You just got married, congratulations! As you start your new life together, the next important step is to ensure that your financial future is as bright as your love for each other. With the right tools and know-how, taking care of your finances as a couple will be a walk in the park. To help you start on the right foot, here are some important financial tips to make managing your money easy and keep your relationships solid.

1. Talk About Your Finances With Your Spouse

Be honest with your partner about your money, and don’t keep any secrets about it. Things like hidden debts or overspending are sensitive matters. Talk about any big purchases or money decisions with your partner by setting up regular times to discuss your finances, like once a week. You can go that romantic mile, plan a dessert-based money talk, and eat some delicious cake while at it. Take note that the key to a happy marriage is good communication.

2. Make a Budget

A budget is one of the most important tools for managing your money as a couple. Work together to make a budget that shows how much money you make, how much you spend, and your financial goals. Start by writing down your monthly income and expenses, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and any other costs you have.

You can also enquire about the estimated spend on utilities. For instance, research by Portage Life shows that the average homeowner uses 80 to 100 gallons of water daily. Later on, divide your money between your bills and your savings goals. Check your budget often and make the necessary changes to ensure you’re on track.

3. Set Financial Objectives

As a couple, setting financial goals is important. Discuss your big financial goals, like buying a house or saving for retirement, and break them down into smaller, more manageable goals. Having clear goals to work towards will help you stay motivated and on task.

If you already have a house and want to sell it, research tips that could help increase the home’s value to get a good return on investment. According to RCI magazine, installing a new roof boosts the value of your home, enabling you to recoup about 63 percent of the installation cost.

4. Open A Joint Bank Account

Another great financial strategy to start your marriage on the right foot is to consider sharing a bank account. Statistics by Stevie Ray Entertainment show that every year, there are about 2.4 million weddings in the United States. Some face headwinds solely because of mistrust in managing finance. A shared bank account makes it easier to pay your bills and might strengthen your relationships due to the added trust. Tracking your spending is also easier when you only have one account.

5. Build Up an Emergency Fund

Setting aside funds to cater to unexpected costs is advisable because life isn’t always what you expect it to be. Putting together an emergency fund can give you a safety net in case you have to pay for medical bills, car repairs, or lose your job out of the blue. Aim to save at least three to six months’ worth of living costs in an account that’s easy to get to. A savings account for emergencies will slowly grow over time and give you peace of mind if something unexpected happens.

By working together and staying focused on your shared financial goals, you can build a bright and secure financial future for yourselves as a couple. Remember that trust is built through open communication, honesty, and transparency. All the best in your blessed union.

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