4 Ways to Maintain Your Plumbing System

March 29, 2023
 By Erin H.

As a homeowner, you must be aware of the fact that it’s possible to save money by keeping your home in great shape. This involves taking care of all your home’s elements, and one of the most important ones is plumbing. Have a look below to see the four ways in which you can maintain your home’s plumbing system for the best outcome.

1. Get Mesh Drain Covers

One of the best steps you can take toward keeping your home’s plumbing in good shape is to install mesh drain covers. These can help you avoid getting debris like hair and pieces of soap from getting into your drains. Shop for the right drain covers for the drains that you have in your home. One type of drain you might have is the French drain, which was first talked about in a book written by Henry French in 1859. He was a farmer and a judge who lived in Concord, Massachusetts. With mesh drain covers, you may end up with fewer blockages and other issues that need to be solved.

2. Check for Leaks

Next, perform an inspection to check for leaks in and around your home. Leaks can lead to a major waste of money since you’ll be paying for water that you don’t use. Leaks can also damage your home and cause issues such as mold and mildew throughout the house. These are things that will cost you a good amount of money to fix and so it’s best to try and avoid this likelihood from coming up. Note that 60% of homes in the United States have wet basements, while 38% of them run the risk of basement mold. If you take care of any leaks in your house, you’ll make it more efficient to use.

3. Clear Blockages the Moment they Occur

If you come across any blockages in and around your home, you need to ensure that they’re dealt with as soon as possible. For the best outcome, try using a plunger or hot water and soap, or some other homemade drain cleaner. While chemical drain cleaners may help you take care of the blockage, they have a negative impact on the environment. This is why it’s best to avoid having to use them if you can. You can search online for easy and safe solutions for blocked drains. This should be easy to do since a study done around the nation showed that 15% of homeowners have spent time fixing a backed-up drain recently. You can be sure that some of them may have documented the process they used to get their drains unblocked.

4. Ensure Your Water Pressure is Adequate

Finally, take time to check your water pressure and ensure that it’s good enough. It shouldn’t be too high or too low, since either can damage your appliances or make them fail to work as they should. High water pressure is the more serious of the two since it causes additional stress on your pipes over time and may result in leaks. This makes your faucets, valves, and pipe joints have to work harder and end up with a lower lifespan than normal. To measure the water pressure in your pipes, you can use a hose bib gauge, which you can buy quite cheaply at your local hardware store. If you find the pressure is too high, you can call a plumber to install a pressure reducer.

In these four ways, you can maintain your home’s plumbing well. This might help you make your home more sustainable and also see you spending less money over time. You’ll have no issue repairing issues and fixing the damage done to your home by water due to problematic plumbing.

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