4 Latest Technological Trends in Modern Condominiums

March 15, 2023

Many Singaporeans condo buyers are putting smart home tech high on their wishlists. A recent survey revealed that 79% of young couples would consider living in a condo with smart home automation. Plus, 63% of respondents are so sold on smart tech that they’d be willing to spend $30,000 to $40,000 to equip their condo with it. 


Smart home tech can make daily life easier, safer, and more convenient, so it’s no wonder why condo buyers value it highly. If you want to enjoy the luxury and ease of smart home living, here are four of the latest tech trends to look for in your next condo. 

Smart Home Hubs 


Most smart devices come with a dedicated app you can use to turn them on and off and manage their features remotely. App control is convenient when you have a few smart devices. However, if your whole home is outfitted with smart tech, you may find it difficult to juggle all the different apps on your phone. 


Luckily some condo complexes are starting to address this problem, including Pine Tree Hill, a new luxury development in Clementi. Every condo at Pine Tree Hill comes equipped with a smart home hub, which is basically a home automation command center. 


The hub seamlessly integrates all the smart appliances in the condo (such as the air conditioner, kitchen appliances, and security system) into one easy-to-use interface. This allows you to control your home systems while you’re out and about from a single mobile app, creating a safer, more convenient living experience. 


You’ll never have to wonder if you locked the front door or shut off the oven on your way out of the house. Smart home hubs give you the ability to check in on your home and turn off appliances or lights you forgot about during the hectic morning rush.


Most smart home hubs even allow you to set up voice commands, enabling you to operate your smart devices hands-free while you’re relaxing at home. No more searching endlessly for the TV remote or dragging yourself off the sofa to turn on the lights. You can control everything from the comfort of your couch or bed using only your voice. 

Improved Security Features


Modern condos also have advanced security features to keep you and your family safe. For example, each unit at Pine Tree Hill has surveillance equipment and a smart lock that allows you to access your home via a PIN code or your fingerprint. These entry methods are more secure than using a traditional key, which can easily be lost or stolen. 


Inviting guests to your unit has also never been easier or safer. Residents can manage guest access via convenient e-invites. You can also book and gain entry to condo facilities through a secure mobile app. These safety features ensure that only Pine Tree Hill residents and their guests have access to the development, giving you peace of mind. 

Energy-Efficient Smart Appliances


Smart home hubs and technology can also increase the energy efficiency of your condo and save you money. Many smart home hubs allow you to track your home’s air quality, set timers to turn off your air conditioning at a certain time, or turn on your lights only when motion is detected to conserve electricity. 


Many WiFi-enabled appliances and smart plugs will also send energy efficiency reports to your smart hub. This enables you to monitor and adjust your family’s power usage to lower your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Health-Monitoring Smart Tech


Did you know living in a condo equipped with smart home tech can even make you healthier? Some WiFi-enabled refrigerators can keep track of your food supply and automatically order groceries when you’re running low, which makes eating healthy a breeze. 


Plus, your smart home hub can enable you to track health metrics like your vitals and sleep quality to monitor your well-being. In case of a health emergency, your smart devices can also assist you in calling for help, which could save your life. 

How Much Do Smart Home Technologies Cost?


Adding smart home technologies to a condo that doesn’t have them already can be costly. Swapping out all the lights in a condo for smart bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars while installing new smart kitchen appliances could cost thousands. 


Designing a smart home system can also be difficult if you’re not a tech expert. Some devices won’t integrate and work together properly. Finding compatible devices and troubleshooting issues can be a big headache. 


That’s why smart home automation is best left to the experts. The developers at Pine Tree Hill have outfitted each condo with all the bells and whistles you could want in a smart home. Register for an early preview today to see Pine Tree Hill’s advanced smart home tech in action. 


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