Best Platforms for Online Gamers

January 9, 2023

Looking at the interest shown by youngsters in gaming platforms on the web, several tech companies have introduced their own live gaming platforms over the last decade. Young adults particularly teenagers think of the gaming world as their escape from the tensions of daily life. 

They spend a considerable amount of time playing their favorite games after school or at work. These games refresh their souls and act as an escape to an imaginary world that is both competitive and peaceful. 

Therefore, there is no denying that young people nowadays are much linked to the gaming industry and love sharing their experiences on social media. Utilizing streaming platforms, gamers can share their favorite gaming moments with a big audience by employing live game streaming technologies to record exciting gaming moments in high-quality videos.

Hence, it is safe to say that this industry is getting more popular day by day. However, this can also be a problem, especially for the folks who find it hard to find a gaming platform well because there are so many online gaming locations available in the market. 

This is exactly what we will be talking about today. To make things easy for you, we have created a list of the top five online gaming services for 2022. If you are fresh to the world of video games, now is the time to locate the ideal location to play them. 

However, before you go ahead and learn about the gaming platforms that we have mentioned, you might want to check if you have a stable and reliable internet connection similar to Cox internet because you won’t be able to access these gaming platforms without an efficient internet connection. Cox for example will not only provide you with amazing speeds but will also enhance your streaming and gaming experience. 

Now that you know the role of an internet connection in gaming, go ahead, sign up with a reliable provider and continue reading this article. 

  • Epic

Epic essentially is the home to some of the most amazing titles like Fortnite, if you are fond of this game. Fortnite has gained a lot of popularity over the years however let’s face it, it is being overshadowed by other incredible titles and so don’t hesitate to look at other gaming titles on the Epic store that will blow your mind.

You can create a free account on Epic as well. Even though they are not as well-known as Steam, Epic is gradually growing in popularity as more games like Borderlands are made available on the platform. 

  • YouTube Gaming

As we all are aware, YouTube is a leader in online video streaming. The audience can find what they require from a large variety of streamers on YouTube’s Gaming platform. Gaming without any doubt has become popular on YouTube. As youngsters who had grown up with state-of-the-art technology started to post videos on YouTube, online video gaming gained more popularity.

YouTube Gaming is a favorite among streamers because it offers a wealth of resources that make it simple to stream video games. The platform makes streaming easy and uncomplicated. It resembles what you are accustomed to seeing on YouTube in most respects so a win-win for both experts and beginners. 

  • HitBox

The HitBox user interface is very similar to that of the majority of platforms competing for video streaming services, but let’s face it, it leaves all the other platforms behind with a nicer color scheme and design. Here, users can quickly search for their best-loved videos, and streams can be divided into collections that are both private as well as public, and only for adults.

In addition to this, it provides useful streaming options with simple video classification. The best thing about HitBox is that it has a clean, appealing interface. But keep in mind that to live stream videos with the help of HitBox, you’ll need a powerful computer. For recording, you can use both internal capture cards as well as other external devices. And the cherry on top, this platform is available to you for free.

  • Bigo Live

One of the social media video streaming platforms with the quickest growth in recent years is Bigo Live. Its most recent upgrade added expanded support for all of its extensive capabilities, making it simple to meet game broadcasting requirements. In addition to this, by participating in the Bingo Live community, users will be able to communicate directly with all the players from around the globe and hence will be able to make connections.

The most important point is that this tool is easily accessible on Android, Google Play, as well as Mac. It helps users broadcast content quickly and easily to well-known social networking platforms. Lastly, it provides several choices for game broadcasting.

  • Disco Melee

Popular internet destination Disco Melee focuses entirely on social media, streaming, as well as gaming. The website offers readers simple surfing options and is not overrun with pointless information. 

It functions as a one-stop platform for thousands of streamers from across the globe, and its user base is made up of engaged members. Its key characteristics include an impressive user interface and an overall excellent layout. Moreover, it provides visitors with excellent content.

Final words

Selecting the best online platform that satisfies all your gaming needs can be a little intimidating. If you really plan to choose the best platform, then make sure to conduct thorough research because it is always better to attain all the necessary information before making a final decision. we have tried our best to enlist the gaming platforms that we believe are worthwhile. Go through them and thank us later. 


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