Best jobs for 10 year olds

December 14, 2022

If you are looking for jobs that your ten-year-old children can do, we will make it easier for you and list jobs that are appropriate and suitable for their age. 


In this way, you teach children from a young age how to be financially independent and that money does not grow on magic trees but is achieved through hard work and dedication.

The goal is to separate children from phones and technology and enable them to discover new ways to earn their own money that they can use as they please.


Parents also decide to give their children a credit card, where with the help of the accompanying mobile application, they have various tables of activities and obligations that can be adapted to the children following their age.


You can also use the built in chores options in apps that come with kids debit cards to reward them for their efforts.


We will compile a list of jobs that children can do, as well as a list of entrepreneurial jobs that children can start together with their siblings or friends.


A list of easy jobs that any 10-year-old can do


  1. Cleaning


From a young age, it is very important that children know how to clean up after themselves, whether it is a matter of the room, toys, or tidying up the closet, it doesn’t matter. 


But they have to help their parents with household chores that are adapted to their age. 


Children can turn on the dishwasher, take them out and put them back in place. 


If the children perform additional work, the parents can pay extra money in addition to the pocket money for that.


What makes it easier for parents are credit cards for children and mobile chores and duties apps that have various task boards that children must complete within a given time. 


A credit card is one of the best tools for teaching children financial literacy and skills of great importance for the future.


  1. Caring for pets


If your children love pets and animals, you can suggest that they take care of your pets as well as the neighbors. 


I can babysit the neighbors’ pets, walk them and take care of them when they are on vacation or if some neighbors are older and are not able to take their pets out every day.


  1. Mowing the grass and taking care of the yard


During the spring and summer months, you can pay your children extra pocket money for taking care of the yard and mowing the grass once a week. 


Also, children can mow the neighbors’ grass, and take care of their yard when the neighbors are on vacation. 


Keep in mind that the child uses your lawnmower or the neighbor’s, it depends on how they agree with the children.


  1. Babysitting


This is one of the most popular jobs performed by children at the moment. Children can babysit their siblings and thus save parents from paying babysitters they don’t know. 


It is better to give money to your child than to someone else, that way the money stays within the family again. 


In addition to babysitting their siblings, they can babysit their relatives and neighbors, and this is a great way to earn extra money. 


Also this type of work your children can later put on their CV when they are applying for jobs as teenagers.


Entrepreneur jobs for children


  1. Making lemonade


Children can have a lemonade stand on warmer days and earn extra money that way. 


This is one of the most famous business activities that children around the world do together with their siblings and friends.


  1. Making jewelry and pictures


Creative children can make jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 


They can also sell artwork that they paint themselves, or sell pictures that they take for example with their phone and print them on paper.


  1. Start owning a blog or YouTube channel


Most famous bloggers and YouTubers started their careers at a young age when they were 9 or 10 years old. 


If your child has an idea and wants to start a blog or YouTube channel, make it possible for them to be their support, but always supervise the content they create. 


Children can play certain games, comment on movies and cartoons for children, and teach jewelry making or art creation.


  1. Video game testing


Those kids who love video games can test certain age-appropriate video games and get paid for them. 


Children give their opinion, recommendations, and ways to improve the game to perfection and eliminate some problems if they are found.




Whatever job the child chooses, they will not make a mistake. Let the children choose the work they will do according to their free will and desire.

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