How to Make Your Fintech Customer Services Better: 5 Best Tips

June 7, 2022

Trust between a service provider and a customer is important in every business area, but it goes on a whole nother level in the financial industry. Banks and other financial institutions deal with people’s sensitive information and actual money, so the clients should be certain that all their assets are protected.

The question of trust becomes even more urgent when it comes to fintech. Even though we are living in the online world, not everyone considers digital technologies trustworthy, especially with these loud data leaks popping up from time to time. Thus, building trust is one of your primary goals as a fintech solution.


To succeed here, you should pay great attention to customer service. However, it’s quite easy to fail this task and lose precious clients. Here are five tips that will help you better your customer service and make a positive impression on your audience.


#1: Automation is the key

Automation is an established trend in financial software development. It’s not enough already for a fintech solution to have automated payments or an auto-fill-in feature. People demand more processes to be self-operating. The most obvious way to add automation to your app is a chatbot. A well-built AI-based chatbot is able to process simple requests and cover most of the frequently asked questions.

#2: Top-notch security

We already mentioned that financial organizations use people’s private information to operate. The names, bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers must stay protected from any non-authorized access. It’s easier with banks since they literally have hundreds of years of history that have allowed them to create exceptional security standards. If you are a financial startup, it’s better to implement some evident and clear data security measures.

#3: Omnichannel support

Even though you want to attract as many users as possible to your fintech solution, you should not limit yourself to this solution only. Some people prefer discussing everything with voice (phone calls, audio calls in messengers), others favor texting (chats, chatbots), and do not forget in-person communication with customer service agents. The more channels you use, the more people will be able to reach you.

#4: The UX matters

One of the most important parts of any fintech application or website is its UX, or user experience design. When users open your solution, they should be able to easily navigate inside it and find the necessary information as quickly as possible. And regarding customer service, all chats and contact forms should be simple and clear so users will quickly learn how to start a conversation with your organization.

#5: Listen to the feedback

The customers’ feedback is your driving force. You should carefully listen to what your clients say about your solution and adjust to their needs. Ignoring the feedback can definitely lead to losing clients and tainting your reputation.

Wrapping it up

High-quality customer service is crucial to any fintech solution. It will help you build the necessary trust with your clients. The advice mentioned above will help you organize efficient customer service that will meet the users’ needs.

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