Tips for Frugal Moms to Make Money at Home

December 4, 2021

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or are just looking for some extra income, there are plenty of ways to make money from home. Even if you are already frugal, earning more money from home can give you more time and financial freedom.

Doing Virtual Assistant Work

If you want to make as much income as you can, you might want to look into virtual assistant work. It can help you bring in more income, or you could make it your full-time job. More employers are moving to remote work, so you can choose to work part-time or even full-time. Many times, companies offer flexible hours since much of the work, such as answering email, can be done at any time of the day. These flexible hours can help you accommodate your kids’ needs. If you have access to a computer and want to work independently, this might be the job for you.

If you already have some clerical experience or know how to use various computer programs, you could be a good fit. You can get many of these jobs without a degree, but if you want to earn even more, you could consider getting your degree in an administrative related field. Getting a degree can open up more jobs for you. But paying for your degree may be challenging, so you might consider taking out a private student loan to help cover the cost. You can take one out without a cosigner if you don’t have anyone to sign for you.

Selling Items

Have you ever thought about what money personality you identify with the most? This can be a good indicator of the best side hustle to approach. Another option to get the extra cash your family needs is to sell items you find for sale. You could find items at a thrift store, yard sale, or other location and sell them online. And you might already find yourself with more things than you need, so you can use that as a starting point.

Perhaps your kids have outgrown certain toys or clothing items. You can sell gently used items online or at a yard sale. If you enjoy making handmade things, such as scarves or jewelry, you can sell them online or even at local shops in the area. Many people look for custom items to give as gifts, so this is another option for items to sell. Do your research to find a price and make a few items as tests to see if they will sell.


Tutoring is not just for college students or teens. And you can work as an online tutor so that you do not have to ever leave the house. Many kids and their parents are looking for tutors in nearly every subject you can think of. For example, kids in other countries might need someone who speaks English to help them learn how to speak it without errors. There is a time difference between the US and many of these countries, so you might be able to work early in the morning or late at night. You can often find plenty of tutoring jobs in this position, but there are also plenty of other tutoring positions available. For example, you can use online meeting platforms to connect with children in any area to teach things like math, writing, reading, or just offering homework help.

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