Small Business Tip: Get Good Content!

December 1, 2020

content is king

Editors note: we mostly cover bread and butter savings topics, as well as comic book investing.  However, due to demand we’re covering this small business/ecommerce topic.

With the number of visitors to online shopping and distribution sites such as Amazon ranking in the hundreds of millions, the importance of good content is without a doubt a big deal. In this article, some of the key aspects of good content will be explained, such as what it can do to improve the search engine ranking of a product, how it works, and why it really matters.

Good Content = Good Quality

In this regard, we mostly mean the written word. To the extent that Good content is visible from the moment it is seen by the prospective customer. It entails first of all proper presentation. This means no spelling errors, syntactical mistakes, or grammatical faults. This sounds demanding, but it is the least that should be expected of well written text copy. In viewing a product, any customer who finds content hard to understand, with poor spelling, or missing information, is likely to be dissuaded.  The same rules apply to images and video.

For ecommerce companies, good content sells. The first key element of good content is professional product descriptions. This means that the description of the product should be well-composed and informative, making it useful for the customer and for the company. Poor product descriptions damage the image of the product in question. Even a great product seems poor with low-quality content supporting it.

How Good Content Works

The way that good content works is very easy to understand when looking at two products. This can be explained by way of an example, which will be outlined in detail below. To begin with, imagine two identical products, but one has a listing supported by poor-quality content, while the other has content that is of high quality. It is not hard to imagine what will happen next.  Sales rates are higher when the marketing copy is tight and the images and.or video are clear.

A customer is looking for the product in question. At first, they come across the listing with poor content. Although they know it is the product they want, the content supporting it seems questionable. They pass. Maybe they will come back to it later. But before that happens, they find the second listing. The content is immaculate, so the sale happens.

In this scenario, the customer is more likely to go for the product with the higher quality presentation, in other words, the one with good content. This happens even when the products are identical. This example should help to explain why good content is a big deal for any form of online presence, especially when it comes to the marketing of a product.

The bottom line is – good quality content matters if you’re involved in ecommerce.  Don’t scrimp on it.

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