3 Effective Low-Budget Marketing Strategies for European Start-ups

October 14, 2020

Low-cost marketing strategies can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. If you fail to implement advertising techniques or publicity campaigns, you may miss some crucial initial revenue. Many sectors have room for growth in Europe, especially online. Martim Nabeiro has expertise in online gambling. He can introduce you to the best online casinos in Portugal, like what you’ll find at Casino Online

Have a Social Media Presence

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the web’s largest inbound marketing platforms. Small businesses and start-ups don’t always consider having several social media accounts to drive traffic. Some people call this social media management, and most companies have an account on at least one of these sites. 

The amount of views you get, especially on YouTube, is often related to the links that point to your content. If you can increase the number of websites and links that point back to yours, your traffic will go up. It’s essential to know your audience here, so be sure to have someone that keeps a close eye on your niche and the current standards. 

Think about and observe what content attracts users and leverage that data to focus your efforts. Once you have some followers, funnel them to another site and use their network potential to generate awareness. 

Each of your accounts should complement the others. That doesn’t mean you should repeat content, but it’s possible to build on a video series from YouTube by creating actionable Instagram posts. Vouchers and promotions are easy ways to generate interest in your business. 


Profile Your Customers and Competition

Profiling is one of the most common marketing strategies for start-ups in Europe. It’s a powerful tool in advertising. In fact, globally, most companies use some form of profiling to define their target audience. 

Using the preferences and demographics of your audience can help you get an idea of what your typical customer looks like. Then, use this profile to organise your websites and a long-term content plan. 

When developing a marketing plan for a start-up business in Portugal, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations for small businesses there. 

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

There are plenty of WordPress themes available to optimise the layout of your site. Beautiful, innovative and clean home page design from sites like Visualmodo can attract many visitors and increase ROI. 

Using free tools from credible SEO websites is another way to boost low-budget projects. Use web development tools to analyse the quality of your site and where to improve. Backlinks, alt descriptions on images and broken links can have an impact on SEO score and accessibility. 

Creating quality content takes time and effort, so don’t expect a quick fix. The reason this is low-cost is that anyone can do it for free. It’s not a shortcut or low investment tactic. Reading up on SEO basics and web development best practices are open to everyone. Once you identify some strategies you like, incorporate them into your long-term goals. 

The Moz and Neil Patel’s website are two places to start and can give you more SEO ideas. You can also use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to analyse your site for free. These are powerful tools that will give you crucial feedback and lots of vital information. 


If you want more ideas on how to develop your business, maybe visit some entrepreneurial websites that have in-depth tutorials and how-tos on the topic. Databases like JSTOR and ResearchGate are also great places for collaborating. They’ll give you guidance on how to create a business plan and conduct further analyses. We hope this helps you on your way to building your start-up marketing strategy. 

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