8 Reasons to Start A Cleaning Business In 2020

April 27, 2020

The UK cleaning industry is worth about £12 billion currently, and nearly three million families spend their well-earned money annually on well-deserved domestic assistance, according to the British Cleaning Industry. 

When contemplating all the tasks to be completed before you start looking for work, there are many positive things about starting a cleaning company that will become profitable in no time. Here are key reasons for starting a cleaning business.


It’s possible to male about 100,000GBP a month and over 1 million GBP a year. You can also make money almost regularly by collecting rolling payments from your customers. You can grow as big as your cleaning business has the capacity to grow. This type of business would turn from quotes to jobs to a fully controlled cleaning firm.

Be your own boss 

Making your own business means working for yourself. You can set your own hours, control costs, and choose the jobs you want.


Everyone must have their house cleaned. And many consumers will always be willing to pay for it, often even if the economy crashes. 

Start-up costs are very low

It’s unlikely that you’ll have to rent or buy land, buy a car, or pay utilities and, particularly in your early days, so you can start your business with minimal monetary concerns. 

Operate From Home

You can even run your company from home comfort without an office, shop floor or warehouse.

You don’t have to book an office, and you can recruit all your advertising and employees on websites like Gumtree and Twitter. From under 100 GBP, you can start a cleaning business with a few cleaning products and quality service. Find your job and keep your customers close to your company and service. The initial investment is slim. 

Few Employees

You can be a one-person company and expand rapidly as you develop your customer base. You set your own time as a one-person company! You can find the best timetable for your business and control your business growth as your customer list expands. You will shine from the very beginning, as long as you have your service’s duty and obligations.

Job Satisfaction

You would be very pleased to support people to alleviate tension and change their homes and lives very tangibly. You can never succeed in a service business if you don’t love what you do.  When you’re happy to help your customers, your company will be fruitful and successful.

Entry-Level Workforce 

You don’t need specific certificates or qualifications or certificates to start cleaning business. It only requires goodwill, determination, and hard work. While you can try to do all the work yourself, hiring people will help you maximize your time and income. The good news is that your staff need neither formal training nor formal training, so you don’t have to provide expensive recruitment. Also, when the office is closed, most work is done so that you can employ people who need an evening schedule or who need a second job.

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