How I Saved Money for Travel without Being Rich

October 11, 2019

Wanting to travel the world and experiencing new culture, meeting new people, exploring your own self while doing all this, is natural. I mean who does not want to see the exotic places and eat different special things that the world has to offer. But it all comes down to money. If your bank account is not supporting you then obviously you cannot travel around. Many people believe that travelling twice a year or going abroad on every vacation is the kind of luxury only rich people can afford. But what if I tell you that this is not true at all. Everyone can travel and for as many times as they want. But of course it will require certain sacrifices. I’ll share some tips with you that I used, to save money for my travelling and trust me, they all work.

1.  Set your goals

Setting your goals and then organizing them as most important to least important can really make things easier for you. When you will have a clear view of what you want and need then it would be a lot easier to achieve it.

2.  Prioritize

Priorities are what drive us. You need clear in your head that whether you want to buy that expensive dress or do you want to see the country of your dreams? When you will travelling a top priory for you, as it is for me, then it would become easy peasy for to save money for your trip to abroad. Stop spending your paycheck as soon as you get it. Start saving from simple things first. For instance, less eating outside, less spending money on cigarettes or bottles, start shopping form local markets instead of brands. You will be amazed how these little changes will make huge difference in your bank account.

3.  Stop spending money on food

Yes, it may sound cliché but it will save you a lot of money. Less eating from restaurants will not only help you save some money but is also very good for your health.

     I.        Cook

You will have to take time out of your busy routine to prepare your meal otherwise the saving plan will never work. Cooking is not so hard and there are millions of recipes online that you can check and learn from.

    II.        Avoid buying coffee

What is the purpose of buying a Starbucks when you are getting a free coffee at work? Spending $3 everyday on it meaning $90 a month. It can really upset your budget.

III.        Avoid brands

Even in food, start doing your grocery shopping from local market instead of going to Carrefour. Buying a thing at $4 instead of $40 will obviously make a difference.

4.  Stop spending money to feel satisfied

Some people buy things for the sake of feeling that they have bought something new. Either it is new branded dress or a new iPhone. These things will not bring you happiness. Atleast not the kind which travelling will be able to give you. Try finding pleasure in little things and you will see how insignificant these expensive things are in your life.

5.  Financial planning

Managing money is a learnt skill that gets better after consistency and practice. We do not learn these things in schools or colleges. Financial planning is important as well as hard. You should keep it mind that this skill won’t just help you to save money for travelling but for other purposes too. It needs certain sacrifices, control over your heart which keeps telling you to buy that thing or let’s eat a cheeseburger today. That is why many people don’t succeed.

6.  Budget

You should know how much your trip is going to cost you. Set a budget for your trip and your life too. Calculate how much you have to save every month to reach your goal. Now before setting a budget for your trip, try to follow these tips and tricks

  • Booking last minute for your trip can cost you less because travel companies have to fill their seats and will cost less.
  • Stay with the locals while travelling. So you wouldn’t have to spend money on hotels. Booking Galax Hotels will be your best choice
  • Be flexible with flights. Small changes such as travelling during midweek or during the day/night can save you a lot of money.
  • Buy credit cards that do not cost you foreign transaction fees.

Bottom line

You can save money and travel the world, if you just set your mind to it. Its not as hard as you think. Determination and consistency will take you a long way. Keep in mind that there is no perfect time to travel. Its now or never because if you kept waiting for that perfect time, it will never come.

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