6 Of the Most Important Instagram Business Metrics

July 5, 2019

Tracking the right metrics is the only way to become more influential and grow your number of audience in promoting your business on Instagram. Besides, who wants to put everything in a jar that might have holes in it? So, you have to determine which of your marketing strategy is working and what’s not. Here are 6 of the most important metrics in Instagram you have to look at.

Instagram Metrics That Matters

Keep an eye out on these metrics and make sure to analyze them through on your next Instagram Insights review.

  1. Impressions

This refers to the number of users you view your post and the posts that don’t get comments or likes. These piece of data allows you to determine which posts need a boost and what’s doing well.

In these metrics, hashtags will help you to become more visible for Instagram users. So, pay attention to the newest trends and which hashtags do users view the most. You can review your impression rate on the Activity tab but make sure to check them often since it only shows data from pasts 7 days.

2. Engagement

Whether it is your entire account or your individual post, your engagement rate is the sum of your shares, likes, comments, and saves. This metrics will allow you to find out what type of content your followers like the most or if you need to improve your strategy to enhance your contents.

If you are starting to grow your Instagram account, utilizing comments is one of the most important. Analyze what comments people will drop on your post in order to reply to what they need to hear. Doing this will allow you to make rapport to your followers leading to increase in your account’s engagement rate.

  1. Trending Hashtags

Posts with hashtags tend to gain more engagement than those without them. More so, integrate the most relevant hashtags on your post and make sure not to overdo.

  1. Bio-Link Clicks

Your bio link could significantly boost your account since it can direct them to any page with just one click. Brands can add more links but they might not be able to customize it.

  1. Follower Growth

Your number of followers reflects your Instagram performance. Calculate the number of followers you get over a period of time to see if it’s growing or not.

  1. Story Engagement

Since Instagram Stories only last for 24 days, you have to check your posts before it vanishes. Determine your unique views and the number of direct messages your story receives to see if your posts are effective.

These metrics will allow you to take a peek of your accounts progress and current status which helps to determine which areas need more improvement and what needs to be maintained. If you want to boost your posts instantly, you might choose to avail cheap and real Instagram likes from the most reliable Instagram service provider today! Famoid only delivers active and really likes in a very affordable price to supplement the number of likes lacking in your post.

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