How to Get a Divorce Without Having to Hire Expensive Attorneys

March 9, 2019
 By Admin

It’s hard actually to call getting a divorce a pleasant event, even if the spouses are mutually intended to call it quits. Nevertheless, your divorce still can be at least rather quick, affordable, and painless. How? Let’s figure it out with OnlineDivorce.com

Foremost, neither spouse should have any claims against each other. If your divorce is going to be contested one, saving some money on attorney may not worth the risk. The thing is if you contest the case, your spouse is likely to hire a lawyer to protect their interests, and you would probably have no advantage, no matter how well-prepared you are as a self-represented litigant. Thereby, you can afford more of different options for arranging a divorce if the level of conflict is low and you both agree to an uncontested divorce procedure.

An uncontested divorce means that there are not any blames and claims, and both parties want to terminate the marriage, so there is no compelling need to discuss divorce terms before the court. Numerous court trials are not mandatory if the spouses are ready to dissolve all the property issues, financial terms or children-related concerns on their own, out-of-court. All these arrangements should be outlined in a written settlement agreement, which must be notarized and approved by the judge.

Making the process easier

In an uncontested divorce, the couple can do without an attorney. Representing yourself before the court is permitted all across the U.S.; such a separation is called pro se divorce, or do-it-yourself divorce.

To make their DIY divorce easier and more clear, the spouses can resort online divorce forms preparation services and divorce mediation.

Online Divorce

The family courts provide a lot of divorce forms. You should know that every little peculiarity of your case may affect which forms are necessary or how they must be filled out.

Online divorce websites take on the task of picking and completing divorce forms and papers according to the unique circumstances of each case. After the person answers a short online questionnaire, the system knows all the data needed to customize the paperwork in conformity with a particular couple’s divorce conditions, the rules of their state and county, and so on. You can receive a prepared, ready-to-sign divorce paperwork package by email within a couple of days. You will not have to go to the clerk office and sort out the forms and documents.

Although such services are not free, the cost about $150 does not seem to be too high when it goes to saving precious time and nerves. Besides, the lawyers charge $800 on average (so-called “flat fees”) for an uncontested divorce.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution. This procedure implies that the spouses want to settle their differences amicably, but it is still hard for them to negotiate effectively, and they cannot create a reasonable settlement agreement independently.

During the mediation session, the spouses work on their agreement jointly, under the guidance of a qualified specialist, who is not allowed to take someone’s side. The mediator helps the spouses to cooperate and compromise for the better results. It is believed that divorce mediation is especially helpful for divorcing parents, so, sometimes it may be ordered by the court.

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