The 365 Day Money Challenge

October 2, 2017
 By Admin

We all want or even need more money in our bank accounts. If we didn’t we wouldn’t go to work every day, instead, we would stay home and get caught up on whatever show we’re binging on Netflix.

But what if saving money was easy, or even fun? Well that would be great, but truth is it isn’t.

It’s hard work and should be or it wouldn’t be worth it. But with the 365-day money challenge it becomes a little easier, and a little more fun.

What Is The 365 Day Money Challenge?

Basically, you save one penny every day and increase it by a penny every day for 365 days. So day 1 you save a penny, day 2 two pennies, day 365 three hundred sixty-five pennies ($3.65) and at the end of the year, you have $688.

One of the reasons this is called the 365-day money challenge instead of the year challenge is because you can start it at any time not just on January 1st.

Is A Penny A Day Worth Anything?

So many people throw pennies away or throw in a jar for the next person to use. So, can saving a penny a day really do any good?

Yes, in so many ways. The first, and most obvious are that at the end you have $688 to spend on whatever you want. You can buy a new computer, phone, or go on a small vacation.

In addition, you build habits that will allow you to save money for years to come.

Strategies To Help

The most straightforward way to do this challenge is to save the amount of cash every day. You’ll never need more than $3.65 to do this. And to start with you only need pennies.

Another is to automate the process. Set up your bank to automatically save a set amount till you reach the $688. You could do it on a monthly basis, or weekly. Monthly it would be $57.33 or $13.23 weekly.

You could also save once a week what you would if you saved every day. So at the end of week one, you save $0.28.

Don’t Stop After 365 Days

Once you have successfully saved a penny a day for 365 days don’t stop. By continuing you’ll not only increase your savings account, you’ll also continue the habit.

Saving money is important, it’s hard, and it’s boring. But making games out of it makes it fun, exciting, and it remains important.

It is unlikely saving less than $700 in a year will change your life in the short-term. In fact, at first, you will feel like it’s useless. Don’t give up, and don’t stop.

When a year is done you’ll be surprised how easy it was, then you will continue. A year from then you’re going to have over $2,000, continue that habit and years from now you can be a millionaire.

You’ll find other ways to save money, other ways to grow your net worth, other ways to make income.

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