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6 Reasons Why Buying Cheap Often Ends up Costing More

Have you ever gone to buy a new appliance or piece of furniture and immediately picked out the cheapest option? While sometimes buying the cheapest option can work out, many times it ends up costing more money. For instance, buying the cheapest … Continue reading

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The Tesla Model S Is Now the Fastest-Accelerating Sedan in the World

Remember when people used to laugh at electric cars? They used to be seen as an underpowered joke of a car. Not. Any. More. Just hours ago, Tesla Motors revealed how owners can make their Model S’s go from 0-60 … Continue reading

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10 Reasons I’ve Purposely Chosen Not to Be Rich

Most people I know want to be rich. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this goal, and I can certainly see why many people would want to attain it. I think that’s why people find it a little shocking when … Continue reading

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The Problems With Keeping Things Pristine

Twice in recent weeks I’ve come across situations where people were trying so hard to keep their things in pristine condition that they ended up cheating themselves out of some fun and being a complete jerk. The first happened when … Continue reading

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Determining Value

Recently I was invited to a lunch at a very pricey, exclusive restaurant in town. I accepted because it was a professional thing and I felt like the contacts I would make would justify the price tag. I was right, … Continue reading

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Money Lessons From Aesop’s Fables

As a kid you probably grew up hearing Aesop’s Fables. These little stories all have a moral designed to teach kids (and adults) to live better lives and to be better people. Many of these stories deal indirectly with financial … Continue reading

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Waste of Money or Valuable Possession?

The other day a friend of mine came over to have dinner. While she was here, she commented on my DVD collection. “What a waste of money,” she said. “You can rent from Netflix for much less. Besides, DVD’s will … Continue reading

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Learning to Love What You Have: A Life Without Debt

One of the best ways to become and remain debt free is to simply learn to love what you already have. It’s human nature to be swayed by the glitter and gloss of new items. You drive past a new … Continue reading

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Not Everything Has To Be Measured In Money

I’m always a little surprised at how much everything in our society is measured in terms of money. We measure our worth by our salaries, not by how much we love our work. We measure our remodeling projects by how … Continue reading

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The Value of “Only” $40

Earlier this week a friend asked me out for dinner at a pretty pricey restaurant. Having been there once before for a special occasion I knew that the food and service wasn’t that great and definitely not worth the price … Continue reading

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Is It Worth My Time to Pick Up a Penny?

“If Bill Gates saw $100 lying on the ground, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up,” a friend told me once. She reasoned that he would make more during that time by doing something else. At an … Continue reading

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Higher Prices Don’t Always Mean More Enjoyment

Trent Hamm at the Simple Dollar wrote a post in January about enjoying the free things in life. On a flight home, he found himself looking forward to taking a hot shower and spending time with his family. Once he … Continue reading

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