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S&P 500 Ends Week at Another Record High with Gains for Fifth Week in a Row

It was another good week for stocks with the Standard and Poors 500 (S&P 500) closing at its highest level ever once again. The rise was spurred by a jobs report which came in weaker that most analysts anticipated. This … Continue reading

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Beat the Heat on a Budget

This has been a hot year in many parts of the country. I recently heard from a friend who was at her wits end because of the extreme heat. She cannot afford to run the air conditioner all day and … Continue reading

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Environmentally Friendly Electricity: Why I Am Opting Out

I received a letter from my electric power company recently encouraging me to sign up for the company’s “Green Generation” program. If I joined the “Green Team”, I could purchase energy generated from wind power and landfill gas for a … Continue reading

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