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Should I Buy a Timeshare?

Nearly all of us have heard about timeshares, and the supposedly great deals they offer over hotels. Many of us have also heard that they are a scam or a ripoff. While the timeshares sales people will make it out … Continue reading

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What Does Dave Ramsey Think About Timeshares?

While I don’t always agree with the financial advice that Dave Ramsey gives to his listeners, we’re both on the same page when it comes to timeshares. Ramsey doesn’t have a high regard for them, and he believes that people … Continue reading

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Coupon Blogger – Timeshare Writer Needed & Weekend Reading

First off, we are in need of a coupon blogger to write at least 2 posts a week (more if desired). This is a paid blogging position, but it doesn’t pay a great deal. The position would likely only be … Continue reading

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