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Preserve Your Independence

We all tend to take our independence for granted. We take for granted our ability to make decisions just for us, to spend our money how we want, to go where we want, and do what we want. We take … Continue reading

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You Can’t Wing It

I have a relative who lives his entire life in “day to day” mode. Everything seems to happen to him by accident. His kids were unplanned (big oops since he can’t really afford them) and he has no career path … Continue reading

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Planning For Every Activity Is Not Always Possible

Yesterday I went to the movies with one of my sons. He is a film buff and wanted to see a Ray Harryhausen movie on a big screen. Fortunately, a local cinema was offering a free screening 1974’s all too … Continue reading

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12 Ways to Save on Groceries If You Don’t Plan Ahead

You’ve arrived at the grocery store with no plan. You didn’t review the sales flyer and you don’t have any coupons. Maybe you’re on vacation in a strange place, or maybe you’re just in a hurry and you didn’t have … Continue reading

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Use Predictability To Your Advantage: Planning Ahead Saves Money

One of the biggest things you can do to save money is simply to plan ahead. I’m not talking about planning far ahead like planning for retirement or for starting a family, although those are good plans to make. I’m … Continue reading

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