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How to Remain Financially Motivated the Entire Year

With the New Year fast approaching, many begin to think of what they would like to accomplish during that time. That motivation is usually quite high in the first few weeks and months, but many encounter difficulties or have trouble … Continue reading

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Small Money Amounts Matter

I have always been one who believes that it’s important to get all the big personal finance issues in order before you start looking at the small stuff. If you are losing several hundred dollars a month paying too high … Continue reading

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Can Envy Be a Good Thing for Your Finances?

Financial gurus usually tell people not to envy the financial successes of their family and friends. Don’t envy their nice cars or big houses. Don’t envy their great vacations or their early retirement. After all, you may not have their … Continue reading

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Finding Motivation: A Life Without Debt

I’m frequently asked how I stay motivated to remain out of debt. After all, there are so many temptations and so many fun things that I could blow my money on. People assume that it is hard for me to … Continue reading

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