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How Same Sex Marriage Helps Gay Couples’ Finances

Same sex marriage is still a tempestuous topic in the United States and despite a growing acceptance and recognition of same sex relationships, there are still many concerns before marriage equality is truly reached. While marriage should be about love … Continue reading

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What Constitutes a Financial Red Flag in a Relationship?

Many months ago, one of my posts about how financially secure people eat leftovers turned up on another message board that I frequent. That board has nothing to do with finance, but the poster came across my article when she … Continue reading

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Pay Attention: Changes Affect Money

I wrote a few weeks ago about how many people are upset about the end of the Social Security tax holiday. Now that tax rates have returned to 6.2%, many people are struggling to readjust their budgets because they’d come … Continue reading

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Deal With Your Money Now, Spare Yourself Stress Later

A lot of people put off thinking and worrying about their financial picture. They figure they’ll think about it when they get their next raise, get a tax refund, have kids, want a house, have more time, or need to … Continue reading

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Small Changes Don’t Really Help

Over the years I’ve found myself, both here and in my real life, telling people with financial problems that small changes will help. I’ve told people that, “If you just stop eating out,” or “Stop spending on magazines at the … Continue reading

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10 Things I Hate About Money

Money is physically dirty 99.9% of all paper money is covered in germs and bacteria including E. coli and salmonella. Money isn’t just dirty because of the microorganisms; it’s also covered in bits of fecal matter and grains of cocaine. … Continue reading

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