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8 Things That Should Never End up in Your Trash

Many people have the tendency to just pitch items without a care in the world. That’s crazy! There are plenty of household items that deserve a second look. Here are a 9 things¬†you should reconsider before tossing: 1. Food Food … Continue reading

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Embrace Minimalism: 10 Things You Should Donate Today

One beautiful aspect of minimalism is that you can help yourself while helping others. You can free yourself of overabundance while helping someone else. Sometimes in life, win-win opportunities really do arise. This post is about how to declutter your … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Purge

This winter I have focused on purging my house of excess stuff. I’ve never thought of myself as having a lot of stuff (and compared to some I don’t), but a real dig in to the deepest recesses of my … Continue reading

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Is Minimalism The Way To Go?

Financial gurus often talk about spending on experiences rather than stuff. The idea is that stuff will break, become obsolete, or never get used in the first place, whereas experiences will stay with you for a lifetime. Experiences are said … Continue reading

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