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Google Mystery Barge One in Maine Gets Sold as Scrap Metal

In the last decade, the mighty Google has become more than the world’s favorite search giant. The company is also famously innovative and well-known for its original marketing ploys, its flamboyant work-place environments, and its sheer willingness to go the … Continue reading

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10 Things Advertising Has Conned You into Actually Believing

There is a funny disconnect when it comes to advertising. Most people would agree that advertising works and that is why companies advertise. But if you ask individuals if advertising works specifically on them, they will tell you that it … Continue reading

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13 Important Skills Kids Learn When Running a Business

When I was growing up, there was a girl up the street who was constantly running some sort of business. She did lemonade stands in the summer, bake sales, dog walking, car washing, lawn mowing, rented books and toys to … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 6

This week’s lesson was about the power of marketing on our buying decisions. This was my favorite lesson so far. Being a finance/consumer nerd, this kind of stuff really interests me. Dave starts out by telling us that we live … Continue reading

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Ten Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Big companies pay big bucks for advertising because they know it works. If you have a small business — whether a hobby business that earns you a little mad money or a full-fledged company that employs several people — you … Continue reading

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