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14 “Impossible” Money Goals That Aren’t

Whenever you bring up a large or extreme financial/frugal goal (particularly if you bring it up at a party populated by spendy people, as I once did and will never do again), the first response is often a dismissive snort … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Be The “Special Case” or The “Success Story?”

When it comes to doing the difficult things in life like saving money, losing weight, getting a better job or more education, creating an emergency fund, or engaging in almost any form of self-improvement, a lot of people claim to … Continue reading

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Getting Past “It’s impossible” to “I can do this”

I know several people who, rather than trying to deal with their finances, have simply thrown up their hands and declared that it’s impossible, so why bother. They say things like, “I owe so much I’ll never get out of … Continue reading

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