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ATM Spews Out $37,000 to Man Who Is Lucky the Woman Behind Him Calls Cops

Apparently there was an ATM machine that, due to a coding error, ended up spitting out $37,000 worth of cash to a man who had only requested $140 in South Portland, Maine, according to reports from WGME-13. The thought of … Continue reading

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Small Money Amounts Matter

I have always been one who believes that it’s important to get all the big personal finance issues in order before you start looking at the small stuff. If you are losing several hundred dollars a month paying too high … Continue reading

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Preventing On-Line Money “Accidents”

As more kids get on the Internet at younger ages, I’m hearing about more and more on-line money accidents. These “accidents” occur when kids play paid online games or games that let players buy items in the game, when they … Continue reading

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