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Being Cheap Can Help the Planet

My parents were pioneers in the green movement. They weren’t necessarily trying to save the environment, but they grew up during the Great Depression when every penny counted. It turns out their thrifty habits are gentle on the environment too. … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Carpool Lanes

I hate rush hour almost as much as I hate Paris Hilton. I understand that scientists believe that we are putting the earth into an oven and turning up the heat too high. I’m keeping their warnings in mind and … Continue reading

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11 Reasons to Celebrate Higher Gas Prices

As a finance and conservation nerd, I’m excited about higher gas prices. I realize that I’m in the minority in this opinion and I know full well that most people will think I’m nuts. There may even be a few … Continue reading

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To Be Green, Prepare to Spend Some Green

I try to live an environmentally friendly life. Among other things, I drive a smaller car, I recycle, and I use compact fluorescent light bulbs. I’m interested in doing more to help the environment, but sometimes I find myself stymied … Continue reading

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Letterboxing: An Interesting and Inexpensive Form of Recreation

In England, letterboxing is old news – more than 150 years old, in fact – but I only heard about it for the first time (from two different sources) in 2007. It may be gaining more popularity because of its … Continue reading

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