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10 Good Reasons to Downsize Your House When You Next Move

When most people move, they are looking to move into a bigger place. I would suggest considering an alternative view and instead of going bigger, look to find the smallest house which will still comfortably meet your needs. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Adjusting to a Pay Cut

Last week I wrote about cases where taking a pay cut might make sense. This week I want to give some suggestions for how you can adjust to a decrease in pay. Some pay cuts will require no adjustment, or … Continue reading

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Conversations to Have with Your Parents

My parents are getting older. Dad will be 83 in a few months. Mom will be 72. Dad suffered a fall a couple of months ago and, although he has recovered, a full recovery was in doubt for quite a … Continue reading

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Five Things You Must Do Before You’re Laid Off

Like millions of Americans, my family will likely face a layoff. And, like other families we aren’t sure when we will get the news. Tomorrow? In another month? The suspense makes one reach for the bismuth. My husband has been … Continue reading

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“You’re Overqualified”: How to Beat the One-Liner and Get the Job

In the current economy with layoffs, downsizing, and the flat-out lost job, there are a lot of professionals hoofing the street for a job as well as skilled laborers and unskilled workers. If all you’ve ever done is something as … Continue reading

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