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Graduating College Without Debt

My neighbor’s child, Lisa, just graduated from college. She could have gone to some prestigious private schools or out-of-state colleges, but she chose to go to a smaller in-state college to save big bucks on tuition. She also considered a … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your College Student Graduate with Debt

Financial responsibility is a crucial part of the college experience for those attending both university online and on campus, yet some personal finance skills remain foreign to students as they prepare for college. Parents have the task of preparing their … Continue reading

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Is College Really Necessary?

It’s no secret that college costs are rising to ridiculous levels. Kids are graduating with huge debt loads. Even if their parents have saved for their schooling since birth, costs are rising so fast they’re still likely to have to … Continue reading

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Why Parents Shouldn’t Pay Entirely For College

One of the most enduring images that I recall from college was a video clip of an obviously drunk student at a football game and holding up a sign which read, “I don’t care. Daddy’s paying.” At the time, although … Continue reading

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Why Are Student Loans Acceptable?

I’m sure you have heard that there is a difference between “good debt” and “bad debt.” Bad debt is usually associated with credit cards, car loans, and other debts that aren’t secured by something that is growing in value. However, … Continue reading

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